Laughter, A Gun and A Bullet and God!


Psalm 81:10

 I am the Lord your God,  who brought you up out of Egypt. Open wide your mouth and I will fill it.

  I sent the following note to my precious friend and prayer partner who is praying for me because I have been preparing to lead a Bible study group, which I haven’t done in a very long time, so this was pretty shaky ground for me:

 “Thank you for your prayers and the Scripture. I desperately  need both, because while I have completely prepared, I have no idea what will come out of my mouth.  The norm for me is to go blind (to my notes) or blank when I am nervous.  Now that I am “more mature” I struggle to find my words more than I used to, which is an additional challenge.

 Therefore, my sweet sister…this will have to be God!!

Knowing that  I could go blank and make a mess of leading this class…I would normally be shakin’ in my boots.  Instead, what I am feeling is kind of like I used to feel when I would pull back the covers at night when you and I were neighbors on Village Commons.  I was afraid at night so I had a weapon for protection.  I kept a Gun under my bed…bullet hidden across the room. 

One night as crawled into bed,  the realization hit me  that neither the gun or the bullet would do me any good.  I hadn’t fired the gun for years, the bullet and gun were too far away for me to get them together before someone attacked me…and I would be too nervous to figure it all out!! 

 After that revelation, I would pull back the covers each night…laugh (usually out loud) about my gun and bullet (which were still in place) and calmly declare, ‘God, you know that there is no one else to protect me…so there ya go…I am in your hands!’

 So as I think of my preparation to lead the lesson this coming Sunday,  I think of my days on Village Commons Drive…I am prepared…but only God can shoot the bullets!!

Thank you, sweet friend for your Scriptural reminders, your love and your prayers!!”

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