Set Free!

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This morning one of the fawns who is so tiny and new to the world, made her way inside of our fence, once again.  Momma wasn’t too far away, but outside the fence, of course. 

Something frightened the fawn and she began bouncing desperately against the fence at the spot where her mother was standing on the other side.  My husband went out to get feed to put out for Mom, hoping that if he put it near the gate where the baby always slips through, Momma would saunter over toward the food and the baby would notice the gate and remember that the gate was the way out.

It isn’t like that little critter hasn’t been in the back yard before!  She always knows how to get into trouble, but can never seem to remember how to get out!  She bounces desperately against the fence and jumps to astonishing heights for her age and size frantically trying to force her way to freedom.  We watch and cringe…so afraid that she is going to injure herself.  It always makes us sad to see her desperation.

Her Mother, however, is very calm, and doesn’t seem the least startled by the scene in front of her.  She leans over, takes another bite or two and then…when the baby seems most desperate, she saunters to the gate, knowing (I think) that the baby will follow and find her way out.  The baby does, of course, and Momma is right there waiting to walk alongside her tiny spotted creature.

This was an instant reminder to me of how we are as children of God.  How easy it is to slip our way into trouble, staying there until the pressures around us cause us to realize what we have done.  Feeling trapped and desperate, we barely remember how we got there and somehow we have become confused about the way out! 

Our God, the perfect parent, patiently waits for us to get to that desperate place where we truly want to be free.  He isn’t caught by surprise at the mess we are in and he isn’t panicked. 

He simply shows us the way to freedom and is standing there, waiting to show us His love.

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