Choosing to Live Above the Fray!

cups chocolate

Be still and know that I am God! (Psalm 46:10 –Read the whole chapter!)

By sitting at the feet of Jesus, Mary chose the better way! (Luke 10:39-41)

For God is not a God of disorder but of peace! (I Corinthians 14:33)

There is so much disorder in the era in which we live. How can we live above the fray?

Honestly?  We do not have to be caught up in the disorder and chaos.  We really don’t!  If I take the time at the beginning of my day to be still at the feet of Jesus, to sense the Presence of God, it is wonderful how He puts peace into my thoughts and emotions and out of that…order in my day. I stay more conscious of Him throughout the day.  I call on Him more readily, rather than getting caught up in the swirl of confusion that threatens to tie me up in knots.

Then…the days that I stay conscious of His presence are the days that I feel stronger.  I can throw off the confusion, doubts and fear so much better.  Things that would normally rock my boat do not cause me to be overwhelmed.  When the evening comes, I might be aware that I have made some mistakes, but  I go to bed with a wonderful sense that I have lived out the day as God intended.  Though I might be physically and even emotionally exhausted, I feel satisfied that the way God walked me through the challenges built new strength in me.  I have the sense that my example may have helped build strength in the lives of those in my sphere rather than adding to whatever fear or confusion they happen to be battling at any given moment.

My husband bought me a cup which I drink from nearly every morning.  It is deliciously fun to look at, all covered in chocolate strawberries and other (also chocolate) delicacies.  As you can see, it reads; “God sends no stress that chocolate and prayer can’t handle.”  So true! And yet, like gathering flowers, we have to do what it takes to “gather” His peace.

Suppose I admire beautiful wildflowers in the field near our home and the owners have assured me that I can pick them anytime.  Despite their offer, I go on admiring their beauty and wishing that I could touch them and smell their fragrance.  I am busy and distracted, so I simply continue to long for a beautiful bouquet on my kitchen table. As my friend, you are perplexed as to why I continue to complain about how I long for all of the benefits of those gorgeous flowers.  They are completely available and yet…I am not willing to put forth the small effort it takes to enjoy their beauty and fragrance in my home.

God has offered us so much. There truly is no stress that He will not handle.  But there are some things we simply have to do to gather His flowers.  He has declared Himself a God of order and peace.  He has  said, “Be still and know that I am God…” and  “Choose the better way.”




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