Ever Just Want to Be … “In the Zone”?

perfect road runner

2 Corinthians 5:7 (HCSB)
7  For we walk by faith, not by sight…

Yesterday, I spent some time with a new young friend as we do each week. We have purposely set aside this time to grow in the Lord and of course in the process, our friendship is growing.

Helen is going through some heartbreaking times. Like so many times when our heart is breaking, it isn’t just one thing.  Her marriage has fallen apart and that affects her three children.  So then, add to the list…guilt.  She is in a new town with no support system.  She is virtually alone while endless uncertainties, decisions, and heartaches pelt her again and again.

In talking about our lives, our weaknesses and our spiritual growth, Helen said, “I just want to be… ‘in the zone.’ I want to be ‘clicking’, you know…just…clicking!”  And for emphasis, she snapped her fingers several times.

I agree. I want to be “in the zone”.  I want to be “clicking”.  We all do.  But here is a truth that was made more real as I watched her say those words with such emphasis:  If we are doing everything we can do to listen to and follow God… We are in the zone.  We are clicking.

She is in a terribly painful situation. She feels like she has a hole in her heart.  She is hurting beyond measure and on top of that she is watching her children’s emotions and actions seemingly deteriorate.  Most of the time, she doesn’t feel like she is “clicking”.  She sure doesn’t feel like she is “in the zone”!  Her whole life has been turned upside down.  It is not even a life that she recognizes as her own.

But I can tell you, that I see strength building in her. I see that she is clicking. There can be no doubt that she is in the zone. Why do I say this?  How can I say this?  Because Helen has been on her face before God…often.  Because she is in His Word daily and she is in prayer with Him as she moves through her day seeking answers and relief and direction.  She is gaining ground because she is moving closer to Jesus.

As I see more peace on her face right along with the tears that still come readily to the surface, I see that she is in the zone. As I hear her talk about the challenges she faces, I hear new strength in her voice.

When I expressed what I was seeing, she was delighted and relieved. “Thank you!  You know, I thought I was feeling a little stronger but it means so much for someone else to notice and confirm that…I wasn’t sure.”

Looking on, not only can I say that she is stronger, I can say with full assurance; She is in the zone. She is clicking. Life is unfolding the way God intends during this season.  Her life, her emotions, her heart and her direction are all being strengthened as she goes down this unimaginably conflicting, confusing and painful road.

She is clicking right along God’s path…right down the center of the zone!!

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