He Opens Doors No Man Can Shut & Shuts Doors No Man Can Open!


Jesus is described as “…the Holy One, the True One, who holds the key of David, who opens doors no one can shut, and shuts doors no one can open… Revelation 3:7b (NET1)

As I heard this verse, I immediately thought of one of our granddaughters who has been in a season where doors haven’t opened in a while, relationships are not clear and life has seemed empty and even hurtful for an extended time. It has been painful for her to live out and excruciating for us to watch.

I have told myself (and probably her) that God will open doors if she will be patient. I have thought (and probably said) that she can truly trust God and even have peace and joy in the midst of the hurt and in the agony of waiting for life to bring sweet surprises when so many things seem so empty and yes…even dark.  At the same time…I spent a fair amount of time agonizing behind the scenes. (Is that hypocrisy? J  I hope it is love! )

She has made some choices that have been hard…some of them against her will but with her parent’s wisdom (and insistence) and that is always painful, for everyone!

One of the choices she and her parents made was not to “jump ship” …even when the ship seemed pretty rickety.

She stuck it out when all doors seemed closed to the ministry she loved. They had often slammed in hurtful ways. So much so, that those of us around her who love her dearly sometimes said, “Seriously, Lord?”  But God knew that the doors were not ready to be opened.  The situation was not yet lined up.  No doubt her heart and mind were not yet ready to consider this opportunity…even if it had been completely prepared.  Other opportunities might have taken priority.  Certain hopes and dreams had to be stripped away first.

In the last two weeks, new doors have opened. Better doors.  By entering these doors, she has entered a place that seems to be a giant step toward God’s promise of “a future and a hope”.  It is not necessarily one she would have chosen from the outside looking in.  And yet…by entering these doors, she will not be pelted by unkind (Christian) piers.  She will not be belittled and made to feel inadequate and unequipped.  This new place is a safer place.  This is a place where she is being given the opportunity to hone her skills, her ministry and the God-given dream that she has had since she was very small.

These are opportunities that would not be hers, had any of us been able to bust down the doors that seemed to make so much sense.

These were doors that God closed.  None of our prayers or our pounding could open the ones that seemed right to us.

Thank you, Lord, for your stubborn love…for doors nailed shut!




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