Lord…Teach Me To…Surrender!


Psalm 27:8 (NIV) 8  My heart says of you, “Seek his face!” Your face, LORD, I will seek.

Dr. David Jeremiah is an extremely solid Pastor and someone we sometimes sat under when our daughter was attending Christian Heritage College in California.

Today’s broadcast was: “What should I do in time of trouble?” Yesterday’s was: “So why should I be thankful?” I took notes both days. Both broadcasts were deeply meaningful.

One thing I know for certain is that we miss out on so much when we rush ahead of God for answers or “relief”.   He so wants us to “Be still and know that I am God.”  We, on the other hand, want relief and answers.  His answers seldom come on our schedule; seem sometimes to take forever and because of that, “increase our pain”.  So we tend to rush into “fixing it” and we miss the blessing of discovering Him…his comfort…His guidance…His direction…His fulfillment in our lives.  He wants to give us our desires and then fulfill them.  Sometimes He has to take them away in order to give them back complete and whole.

I would not pretend to know His will for you regarding whatever difficult or painful time you might be experiencing.  I do know that He wants to do a work in every single life involved. He can only do that as each person leans in to Him.  His ways are not more painful than our ways. His ways are higher than our ways. Truly, we must give Him our will, heart, and life so that we don’t interfere and He can complete what He has begun in each of us. The thought of being this surrendered is hard to comprehend until we do it and experience the joy and the freedom. Few learn how to trust Him deeply enough to live out His “first best”.

Here are some of my notes from David Jeremiah’s radio broadcast:

Psalm 27:1-12

“When we study this prayer we understand how to pray when trouble comes.  First of all prayer is a responding on our part to God.  We are a stiff necked people and tend to want to work it out ourselves and not seek the face of God.

In every one of our troubles there is always a time in the midst of it when the voice of God says ‘Seek my face.’  David said, ‘Lord…your face I will seek.’ This is God saying, ‘David, I love you.’  David saying, ‘Lord I love you too.’

True prayer in the time of trouble is really a responding to God. True prayer in the time of trouble relies upon God.

David said; ‘Even if my own parents were to disown me (the most important relationship in my life)…I know that you, God will never disown me. You will be there for me.’

David isn’t trying to figure it out himself but is saying, ‘ Lord here is a blank sheet of paper – you fill in the page – I do not have my own plan/agenda – please teach me your way.  I am resigned to do whatever you tell me to do. Lord I don’t know what to do but my eyes are on you!'”


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