Sometime Later, The Brook (That God Provided) Dried Up…


God provided a brook for Elijah during a dry and thirsty time.  But the Bible says, “Sometime later…the brook dried up.”

Do you feel like your brook has dried up?  Perhaps your emotions are dried up, your prayers feel dried up because nothing has changed or things have become worse.  Maybe the end of something has come and you know for certain what you prayed for will never be.

Most of us have experienced specific prayers that weren’t answered.  The marriage ended, the loved one died, a child was not kept safe or the physical pain continues.  We live in a broken, fallen world where despite the love, the patience and the prayers… people sometimes do not change and really bad things happen.  Despite the breakthroughs in medical science we still don’t have the answers.  Despite the prayers, love and wise counsel, someone precious to us continually makes destructive choices.

What we do have is…the Trustworthiness of God…the Love of God. He promises us healing and renewed hope and heaven.  But how does that help once the hammer has fallen and we are trying to make our way through the ensuing destruction here on earth?  How does the thought of heaven help when the choices have been made or when your world as you knew it has crumbled beneath you.  You prayed and nothing changed.

God wasn’t there for youor was He?

If you stop and think, you do know He was there but right now…you are hurt and you are angry and you just don’t know where to go from here.  God wasn’t there enough. He didn’t intervene in the way you had envisioned.  Starting over seems impossible. Maybe you wish somehow you could start over.

Maybe you trusted many verses in the Bible that now make you feel disillusioned and hurt. You want to pray.  You want to trust God’s Word.  But how do you make your way back? Maybe you are just tired.  Tired of trying to figure it all out, tired of clinging to yet another verse and tired of fighting your way out from under the gray.  The battle has been long and hard, the results are now written in stone and you  just feel beat up.

1 Kings 19 tells us that Elijah was in need of food and rest.  In His gentle mercy, God provided him food and told him to sleep.  Again the next day He came back with food and told him once more to eat and sleep.  It wasn’t until He had been well fed and rested that God asked Him to continue the journey… to take on the challenges that lay before him.

Especially under pressure, we simply cannot function without rest, good food and things that nourish our particular soul.  Find a way. If you need help, break through your reluctance and ask.  Get what you need to strengthen you for the journey. Remember…it is a journey.  It is not a quick fix.

Yes, the brook dried up but God had another way.  He sent Elijah to a woman who could provide food and rest. And then, through Elijah, God provided for the needs of the woman and her son.

It wasn’t the journey Elijah planned or expected.   But it was the one God knew was needed.

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