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Thankful By Faith…

But…hear me now…without seeing any evidence that things are going to be okay, I can be “Thankful By Faith”. Huh? Continue reading

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And Still…He Loves Me!

When I was a little girl, I was taught never to begin praying without confessing to God first or He wouldn’t hear (let alone answer) my prayers. My translation was that He was angry with me. Continue reading

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Out of Balance: Believing Just One…Little?…Lie!

I have to say it again! The older I get the more I believe that balance is one of the greatest keys to everything in life. All that is needed to get and keep us off balance is one lie… Continue reading

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But We Have Choices to Make…Starting Now!

This little hummingbird took the wrong path thinking he could fly through our window. We hope he will heal completely, but he has some choices to make about nourishment and choosing a different path… So do we!
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