But We Have Choices to Make…Starting Now!


This little hummingbird took the wrong path, thinking he could fly through our window.  We hope he will heal completely, but he has some choices to make about nourishment  and choosing a different path…  So do we!

Philippians 1:6 (NIV) 6  being confident of this, that he who began a good work in you will carry it on to completion until the day of Christ Jesus.

Sometimes we claim verses for ourselves while living in some measure of long-term disobedience to the fulfilling life God has asked us to live. Our choices are like little foxes. They eat away at our lives, little by little. If we want the joy of knowing God is carrying out His complete work in us, we must choose well.

The ripples of our own consistently obedient walk with God will then extend to our ability and determination to build into our children what it means to lean into His ways.

Conversely, we can’t neglect our own spiritual growth and obedience to God without hindering our children’s present and future ability to follow Him. Period.

Yet somehow, when we wake up to some form of chaos after years of neglect of one kind or another, we hope to claim a Scripture like Philippians 1:6 for ourselves and our kids. I think I am learning that it isn’t quite that simple. If our desire and dedication to God was not there while our little ones were becoming teens, we shouldn’t be confused that our teens have no desire to know and submit to God.

The truth is …we have chosen a path that is now being chosen by our kids on one level or another. If we choose carelessly in the day to day, our lives and the lives of our children are simply going to have critical gaps. It is like the law of gravity, or weeds in the garden.  You drop the favorite ceramic mug, it hits the pavement.  You neglect the garden, it fills with weeds.  We cannot disconnect one from the other.  In every area of life, the path you and I choose now determines the destination at which we arrive.  While I am not saying that every difficult teen or wayward young adult is the parent’s fault, what I am saying is that some consequences of our careless (sinful) choices can’t be disconnected or prayed away.

And yet…our God in His mercy longs for us to begin again.  He longs for our kids to catch a clear vision of Him and the direction and satisfaction He offers.  He knows our failures and He knows where our heart was and now is.

No matter how disobedient and willful we have been, once we are willing to listen, He wants to work in our lives and the lives of our family.  He tells us to pray diligently.  He never tires of our pleas for help.  His heart is with us, just as ours is with those we love.

Our best opportunity to see our kids take God seriously, and live the life He offers, is to take Him seriously ourselves.  God loves you and is the Perfect Parent. Whether you are living with little ones or teens (or watching grown kids struggle)…He longs to help work you through.  He longs to complete the work He has begun in you and in the lives of those you love!

But we have choices to make…Starting Now…

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