Out of Balance: Believing Just One…Little?…Lie!


I have to say it again! The older I get the more I believe that balance is one of the greatest keys to everything in life. All that is needed to get and keep us off balance is one lie…

 In “A Long Obedience in the Same Direction” Eugene H. Peterson says, “It is the nature of sin to take good things and twist them, ever so slightly, so that they miss the target to which they were aimed, the target of God.”

Satan is the father of all lies.  All he has to do is make us believe one…small…lie.  That lie keeps our view of some key issue in life clouded, so our actions (though perhaps well intended) are wrong.

We must be constantly in prayer for God to open our eyes, allow us to see ourselves and others the way HE sees us and break our hearts over what breaks His heart. Unless we do, we will go through life out of balance and unknowingly doing our share of destruction.  Those who are changed by our well intended but misguided actions are blinded in perhaps a different way but they have been damaged by our out-of-balance influence.

And the beat goes on. Generations are changed… blinded…by one “small” lie.

There is hope, though, for us and for those who have been influenced by our blind spots.  We must take seriously our influence on others and make it a passion to continually ask God to open our eyes. As we lean into His correction and direction, our lives will reflect more balance as will our words. God is faithful. His grace and mercy are sufficient to cover and redeem the old and bless us with a fresh balance. He will allow us to have a new influence and give us the opportunity and wisdom to make any necessary  corrections . Though there will be losses, He will work out the details.

He will work out His plan for healing as we pray and do the work. We must breathe in the wonderful air of that hope!

Lord, open our eyes….

Psalm 127 (Message Bible)…A Pilgrim Song of Solomon

1-2 If God doesn’t build the house, the builders only build shacks. If God doesn’t guard the city, the night watchman might as well nap. It’s useless to rise early and go to bed late, and work your worried fingers to the bone. Don’t you know he enjoys giving rest to those he loves? 3-5 Don’t you see that children are God’s best gift? the fruit of the womb his generous legacy? Like a warrior’s fistful of arrows are the children of a vigorous youth. Oh, how blessed are you parents, with your quivers full of children! Your enemies don’t stand a chance against you; you’ll sweep them right off your doorstep.

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