Do I Dare Ask Nothing?…


“Life change comes when we receive life with thanks and ask for nothing to change”.  Ann Voskamp

I read this and put a little heart by it but I had to surround the heart with question marks.  On some level this is true and I love the peace and rest that it suggests to my heart but I question how we can be in a world of hurt and yet… “ask for nothing to change…”

The Bible tells us to put our requests before God, to ask again and again and to be specific about our desires.

And yet…if I am thanking Him for each and every thing in my life…if I am “thanking Him by faith” (trusting His hand and His heart) would that not, at the very least, reduce greatly my list of requests for change (or immediate change)?  I think yes.

Maybe it would look something like this: Years ago, my daughter asked me if she could attend a party I wasn’t sure about yet.  I needed to think it through and get some questions answered before I could answer her. It would have been great had she trusted my judgment and thanked me for considering it, and gone about her other business joyfully.

In a perfect world… right?

What she actually did was come through periodically and expound on the reasons she should be able to go and do her best to enlighten me as to the reasons my questions shouldn’t be questions at all. (Sound like hour house?)

There was no joy in the journey.  There was anxious stress, and I was becoming even more conflicted about which way to decide.  I only remember this incident because (to my shame) I got completely exasperated, raised my voice, swept several items off the counter to the floor, raised my voice and said, “Stop!”

She knew she could trust my heart but she wouldn’t let it alone.

I knew it was an important decision.  I held that important decision in my hand but I let her persistence get to me.  I didn’t want to disappoint her but I didn’t want to let her do something that might be harmful. I waffled and she pressed.

But God is not us! His thoughts are so much higher than our thoughts.  He sees the whole picture. He knows what the answer should be.  I don’t think His desire is for us to push Him or beg Him or change His mind.  I think His desire is simply for us to love Him and share our hearts with Him and trust His heart and His hand.

So then, if I do thank Him and ask for nothing to change, perhaps that would look more like that “perfect world” scenario where Wendy asked if she could go to the party, open mindedly listened to my thoughts about it and then stepped back in confidence, knowing that I would make the absolute best decision for her.  She would have gone about her day joyfully knowing that the best answer would come and if she was handed the party or handed a “No” she was given a gift.  She would have felt protected and loved.  She would have known that the right kind of party would come along or…not.

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