“Because of the Lord’s faithful love, we do not perish, for His mercies never end.” Lamentations 3:22

Wow…His mercies never end… I love that! As believers, we know we will live with Him forever.  But that forever doesn’t start the day we die.  It starts the day we choose to trust Him for our salvation.  This is a promise for this day! His mercies are now!

As believers, are we perishing with the weight of our busy and burdened life? The Bible says, “His yoke is easy and his burden is light.”  So why are we so often dying on the inside?

Choices.  Choices are little foxes eating away at our time and our time is our life.  Ann Voskamp in her book, 1000 Gifts, mentions, “A life so full…it can seem empty.”  She quotes  J. R. R. Tolkien: “All we have to decide is what to do with the time that is given us.”

We choose to take on the heavy burden of doing too much…day after day after day.  We choose to straighten someone or something out instead of praying and trusting God to handle it.  Often we obligate ourselves to talk behind the scenes about how wrong a loved one is handling a situation (or life) as though draining our own emotions over something we can do nothing about somehow helps. We feel frustrated, empty and burdened during and after such a dialogue.  The crazy part is that we took that burden on when we could have easily (and should have) unstrapped it and dropped it at Jesus’ feet.  It probably is none of our business!  Whether it is or isn’t, we take it on and wear ourselves out.

We are so burdened that many times we drag through the day feeling we are perishing…all because we have chosen to bear unnecessary loads that suck up our time and emotion. The truth is we are perishing. We are presently perishing…an by choice.  We are going through the motions of life instead of living…truly living.

The real truth is that we don’t have to inwardly drag through our days.  We can choose to lay down the unintended.  We can choose to take on only the challenges we were meant to take on. Even those, He wants to walk through beside us.

He is the giver of time.  He is the burden bearer.  He knows what we need and what we should take on.  To take on anything more is to refuse His light burden.

Picture a child who cries as he walks next to you carrying a huge and awkward bag of groceries in his too-small arms.  You are pulling an empty wagon and he only has to drop that boulder into the wagon and he is free.  He feels more important carrying it himself.  He longs to tell his dad that he carried it all the way home.  He is exhausted, hurting and rather feels he is perishing.

He took it on when you told him that it wasn’t necessary. He could have enjoyed the journey with his hands free to explore the things all around him.  He carries it now when he could have the freedom to dance his way home.

Don’t you want to dance your way home?

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