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Seeing God in the Mix…and Healing…May Take Time!

When the painful portions of our lives run long and hard the level and length of the pain can seem unreasonable, unbearable and unfair. It can be an almost impossible effort to see value in what is happening to us or those we love. Continue reading

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Still…He Created Earth and Sky and…Us!

Why…why in the world did God create our world…create us, when He knew we would crush his heart? He knew the pain we would inflict on ourselves and on Him. He saw it, not just vaguely…but in excruciating detail. Still…He chose. He made the choice to create earth and sky and…us. Continue reading

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A Head (and then a heart) Full of Thanks and…A Very New Life!

The schedule looms heavy…busy…your heart fills with dread at how you can possibly get everything done, have everyone where they should be. You feel burdened…almost depressed. Well…depressed! Continue reading

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To Only Learn and Never Do…Fatal!

That’s good. Rest is good. A break in the doing is good…even necessary…healthy. We need reviving and change of routine no matter what we are tackling.
At the same time…to only learn would be fooling myself. To never do is fatal.
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Are WE Living…Are WE Praying…

Are we praying…and watching…and living in a way that changes the generations…and therefore our Nation? Or are we talking a lot about what is wrong in the world and living a life of careless mediocrity? Continue reading

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