Still…He Created Earth and Sky and…Us!

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 Why…why in the world did God create our world…create us…when He knew we would crush his heart? He knew the pain we would inflict on ourselves and on Him. He saw it, not just vaguely…but in excruciating detail. Still…He chose. He made the choice to create earth and sky and…us.

It begs the question…Why?

Maybe it is a little like this: Yes, He had perfect knowledge and complete vision of a relationship with us. This would be a relationship that He knew we would shatter again and again. He saw us fully in His mind’s eye and yet…He loved us before the foundation of the earth was even created. He so loved the thought of being loved by us…having a relationship with us, that He was willing to pay the price. Not only the ultimate price He paid on the cross, but the price of thousands of years of pain we would inflict on ourselves, others His heart.

Think of a sculptor who has an incredible vision of a piece he longs to create. He loves the complexity and delicate form of what he knows he can do. He is completely aware that it most likely will collapse again and again before the day finally comes that each delicate part holds for him to fire. It will likely take him years to see it complete…maybe a lifetime. He knows the pitfalls, the disappointments and yet…he knows the joy of the completed work.

As The Sculptor, God is ever moving us closer to living out His original intent for us…our purpose here. He knows that one day there will be a celebration…a glorious gathering that will last forever. We will be living the way He pictured…the way He intended.

Life will be beautiful, relational, enthusiastic, demonstrative, perfect…love. We will know Him and each other perfectly, completely, joyfully. There will be no more sorrow or tears. We will live in His presence and He in ours. The hole inside each of us that persists will no longer be there. No one will break our hearts and we will break no one’s. No guilt, no shame, no rage, no sorrow, no tears. Joy…pure joy.

We will not be struggling to know Him better and love Him more. We will not be thrashing about wondering how we can know each other better and respond more fully.

In the beginning…God saw. And yet….He created.

Oh my…The Love…

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