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I’m doing a great work…I can’t come down!

I’m doing a great work; I can’t come down. Nehemiah

I hope you can hear with your heart the importance…the blessing these words are to you…to me.
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Who Would Have Thought A Lamb Would Rescue The Souls of Men…

Yes…who would have thought that our God would bother to rescue the souls of men? We make such terrible choices. We cause so much of our own pain. We don’t do even some of the smallest things He tells us to do…the very thing that would keep us from needing to be rescued. So we make our bed…we sleep in it…and we wonder why we suffer. Continue reading

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Six Little Weeks to A Very Different Family Life…

If you have chosen to spend your time in meaningful ways, your children will feel more connected to you and each other. God will make more sense. Life will mean more…will have a clearer purpose. Continue reading

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