You Are…The Object of Divine Diligence…!!

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When life slams against us hard enough or long enough… we can begin to feel like a lump of common clay…worth little. “Something must be wrong with me or things wouldn’t be this hard.”

Phillip Keller, in his practical and precious book, A Shepherd Looks At Psalm 23 says: “When the simple – though sublime – statement is made by a man or woman that ‘The Lord is my shepherd,’ it immediately implies a profound yet practical working relationship between a human being and his Maker.

It links a lump of common clay to divine destiny – it means a mere mortal becomes the cherished object of divine diligence.”

Think of it! You are the object of divine diligence! WOW…

Think of a time when you have been particularly diligent about something. You were focused; your time, emotion and energy were constantly right there with that project or person. You were all in!

Now think about God and the kind of “times-infinity” diligence of which He is capable. I heard infinity described this way: “Infinity represents a symbol for a value that is so large that we can’t imagine it – no matter what number you come up with, it will always be less than infinity.”

You are the object of divine diligence in so many ways that it will always be beyond anything you can possibly imagine!

If you have chosen to follow Christ, the Lord is your Shepherd and….you are linked to divine destiny! You have available to you a wonderful Father and son or Father and daughter relationship. That relationship means you (a mere mortal) are the cherished object of divine diligence.

Divine diligence is beyond what we can think or imagine…a value so large that no matter what picture you come up with, it is always less than how diligently…how completely He cares for you.

How then, can you or I ever consider ourselves to be an unimportant and stupid lump of clay? He is diligently walking with us…never missing a step. He longs to work in us and through us.

If we look at the facts, rather than listen to the whispers of the enemy, how can we feel unloved, unimportant and purposeless? We are so cherished…so much the object of His heart that He laid down His life for us in order to have a deep and abiding relationship with us. He gave us the choice to allow His Spirit to dwell within us. Our relationship with Him can be more than enough.

1 Peter 3:12
For the eyes of the Lord are on the righteous and his ears are attentive to their prayer… but the face of the Lord is against those who do evil.”

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