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Lives and leaders will be changed…God will intervene…if we choose to live for…stand up for Him. Continue reading

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The Lord Will Fight For You While You Keep Silent….

An alien concept in our culture, this verse is so packed full of things that we ignore. Yes…there are times we absolutely must speak up. But let’s be honest. Most of the time we have our own idea about how something should be handled and very often our fear drives us to “fix this”. We speak up before we fully listen…to God or even to the person we feel is disrespecting or undermining us (or themselves). Continue reading

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The Time For Rescue Has Not Yet Come…Walk By Faith!

But God…I trust you. I choose to believe that the time for rescue has not yet come. I choose to stand on your faithfulness. I choose to believe that your promises are sure and true…. Continue reading

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Walking With Our Family In A Brand New Way…!

Walking in His Dust: The way Jesus taught his first disciples was not unique but part of a wider tradition in Judaism that began a few centuries before his time. Jesus didn’t hand his disciples a textbook or give them … Continue reading

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