stand up men

Sunday, Dr. David Jeremiah gave a tremendously meaningful sermon on Daniel.

Daniel was 80 years old and had been a faithful man…a “stand-up” man. Those in his sphere were observing his life. Because of his faithfulness to God, the king respected and revered him, even though the king himself did not believe in “Daniel’s God”.

Daniel was promoted ahead of other men and those men became jealous. Knowing that Daniel prayed to God three times a day, these men tricked the king into making a law that said if anyone prayed to another God, rather than to the king…he would be thrown into the lion’s den.  Once a law was made, the king could not rescind it.

To the king’s dismay, he was forced to order Daniel to be thrown into the lion’s den. Though King Darius didn’t believe in Daniel’s God, his hope was that God would spare Daniel. His night was sleepless as he wondered if he would see Daniel alive and well in the morning.

God did save Daniel and the men who tricked the king were not spared.

Four points were brought out that you and I can count on:

Stand-Up People:

  • Are often promoted
  • Are always persecuted
  • Are very persistent
  • Are protected by God

Dr. Jeremiah said something like this: Being protected by God does not mean we will not have any trouble! It means that He will stand with us when trouble comes!  God intervened on Daniel’s behalf.  God usually intervenes on our behalf when we are standing up for what is right and true.

We can almost expect God to do that when we stand up for Him and we should never be afraid to stand up for Him! This week something will happen where you are going to have to do the right thing or the wrong thing and the right thing is going to be hard!

 He doesn’t want to take us away from our problems but wants to show us His strength in the midst of our problems.

 He pointed out that secularism has taken over Europe and that in the next few years, if Christians do not gain the courage to be stand-up people, our country will be right there with Europe. Statistics show that in the next seven years, 55,000 American churches will close their doors.

We can’t afford not to be stand-up men and women and young people. If we do not make that choice, America will go the way of Europe. The America we have known…the blessing and strength of God…His favor on us as a nation will be gone.  Generations are already being lost because so few have chosen to be stand-up examples.  The remnant of stand-up men and women is getting smaller.

Yet lives and leaders will be changed…God will intervene…if we choose to live for…stand up for Him.

Daniel 6:23 (NASB) 23  Then the king was very pleased and gave orders for Daniel to be taken up out of the den. So Daniel was taken up out of the den and no injury whatever was found on him, because he had trusted in his God.

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