Paris…Our Faith and Syrian Refugees…


Years ago, I heard a country comedian (Jerry Clower) talking about his decision not to drink.  He commented that (at that time) one in eleven social drinkers become alcoholics.  His response to that statistic was, “If I am thirsty and there are 11 glasses of water sittin’ on the counter and I know one of those glasses of water is poison…I am goin’ somewhere’s else and gettin’ me a drink!”

That wise and funny statement came back to me this week as I watched the news reports about ISIS terrorists murdering innocent people in Paris and now in Mali Africa. In the midst of these attacks and more to come, our seemingly myopic administration is insisting on bringing thousands of Syrian refugees into our country who will absolutely include ISIS terrorists in their midst.

Many have wondered how the ringleader, Abdelhamid Abaaoud, so freely moved in and out of Paris and Belgium.  The news today is now saying that part of his success was that he posed as a refugee.

At the same time that our administration assures us they will vet Syrian refugees in order to keep ISIS out of our neighborhoods, the president’s own FBI Director has said that there is no way to vet them.  There is nothing in place to find out whether the refugees are true refugees or ISIS infiltrators, other than interviewing them. Is our administration truly naïve enough to think that a member of ISIS posing as a refugee is going to answer questions honestly in such an interview? If it wasn’t so ludicrous, it would be hilarious.

I heard this example used:  “Imagine that I have two bowls of M&M’s. The first bowl once held some poison M&M’s as well as candy that is poison free.  The second bowl holds the poison candy I picked out of the first bowl.   Which one of you would trust me enough to eat candy out of the bowl that I promised no longer held poison M&M’s?”

As Americans…as Christians we are called to love our neighbors and help the widows and orphans. We  have always done that within our borders, as well as outside of our borders.  We believe in caring for others…it is part of who we are.

As Christians we are also called to be wise, careful and protective of our families and our belief system.  Despite what some would have us think, Christianity is the belief system on which our country was founded.  The Bible is full of examples of God’s instructions to protect ourselves from those whose intentions are to negatively influence and harm the lives and faith of our children.

We are foolish if we follow blanket sentimentalism or tradition that says we must always let refugees come to our country rather than opening our eyes to our fast-changing world and the new realities of organizations like ISIS. We must listen to the facts,  and search for the wisdom and balance that God is ready and willing to provide rather than closing our eyes and simply doing what we have always done.

Unless we are well informed, we are in danger of assuming that God expects us to let in those who will harm us rather than setting in place safeguards for our people and the belief system on which we were founded. From there, we can develop constructive ways to help refugees resettle within their region.

It is imperative that we educate ourselves on (at least two) key verses of the Quran (5:32-33) as well as what is truly going on in our present world.

Remember this: Both peaceful Muslims and jihadists quote the Quran to justify their views. In this video, David Wood examines two verses of the Quran to determine the Quranic stance on terror. Clarification on Quran 5:32-33:


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