A Christmas Coat…Marriage…And Other Important Things…

ash britt under tree

Psalm 32:8 (HCSB)
8  I will instruct you and show you the way to go; with My eye on you, I will give counsel.

Now that my granddaughters are older, we shop for their Christmas gifts together. The four of us peruse the stores… my daughter, two granddaughters and me…always such fun! This time, Ashley had already found her stylish, cozy-lined leather jackets.  Brittany was looking for a coat to wear with her dresses.

Today’s styles can be pretty “average” if you aren’t willing to do the search.  As she got tired, she was tempted to settle for one that wasn’t quite right. It didn’t quite fit. I knew she didn’t really like it so I said, “If you don’t love it in the store, you are going to hate it in your closet.” Though we were all getting weary,  I was tickled that she decided to keep searching.  It was exciting when only a store or two later she found “the perfect coat”.  It was adorable…it was custom made for her style and personality.  It just screamed “Brittany”. On sale…every puzzle piece in place…perfect.

Later I was looking for a purse and found one that wasn’t quite right.  Funny enough,  I was tempted to settle.  Brittany said, “Manna, if you aren’t sure…you should keep looking…I did and I found my coat.”  I smiled at the thought of her gently using my words against me (for me). I took that precious brown-eyed blessing’s advice.  I will shop for a purse another day.

In what area of life are you tempted to settle? Are you making the choice to believe God has something particular in mind for you?  We say we believe He has our best in mind.  We say we believe the delays, and yes…the pain, are His and for a purpose.  And yet…how many times do we settle for something less and then struggle to make it work for a very long time…even the rest of our lives.

For a minute let’s think of one of the most important decisions of our lives…marriage.  Why in the world settle for a partner that isn’t really a fit in the store, when it is a certainty that he or she will be less of a fit in our real and daily life. Struggles are eminent even when we choose the perfect fit.  When we settle,   the laughter, adventure and oneness that should have been there simply are not.  We miss out on so much because we choose out of the fear that someone better might not come along or because we are tired of being alone or tired of the emptiness…the search.

We miss out on so much when we simply settle regarding other life choices which have nothing to do with a marriage partner.

What a lack of faith and patience and God-given hope we are prone to live out.  We have important choices to make based on the words we say we believe:  He has my best in mind…He has yours.  His timing is perfect in your life and mine. 

 No matter what your tiring search is or how long it has been going on…as the loneliness and exhaustion set in…trust Him…make the choice to believe what you say you believe and step back into His loving arms.

Don’t settle…wait….rest in Him…





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