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Is This a Hard Day For You??!!

Maybe you are overwhelmed or just plain hurt and disappointed. Maybe it has been weeks of excruciating pain and sorrow…even months or years… Continue reading

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Patriarch Pelican…Are We That Wise?

I laughed in wonder at this creative creature. Was he somehow considered the Patriarch? After all, no one was battling him for his cushy ride. Continue reading

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Puzzle Pieces and God…Who Gives and Gives Again…

It took some deep waters well beyond the home going of my aunt to recognize the tiny details…the small miracles…the puzzle pieces that God provides for our comfort and eventual rest. Over time, we learn to count on His heart…even when we don’t understand His hand. Continue reading

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I Can Never Take Your Place…Let Me Fulfill Mine…

Why can’t we trust God more with the variety of (often challenging) relationships that He has allowed in our sphere? Continue reading

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A Life That Makes a Difference For The Generations…

In Priscilla’s YouTube video, Releasing Your Grasp #1 she talks about how we often wish we had a testimony…especially when we watch other people who have a story and who have a deep trust in God. We wish we could … Continue reading

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