Close to Grumpy This Morning? Where’s The Light?


Keep Us Seeking THE LIGHT!

I awakened not so rested. It isn’t that I didn’t get enough sleep. I did! I just awakened tired and fighting discouragement. From there I struggled not to be downright grumpy!

So after I grab a cup of coffee and pray a little about my attitude and think about all that I have to be thankful for, I feel better. God and coffee each morning…a marriage saving routine!

A day or two after writing my last blog, my heart’s prayer was this. I hope it is yours too:

“Lord, please keep us close to you so that the dark times aren’t so dark. There are things that will come into my life…the lives of those I love…that may or may not be caused by sin. Lord…keep us all close to you so that the dark places (no matter the cause) will bring light and not…more darkness.

Lord…you are light! You are…LIGHT. Keep each of us seeking The Light…walking in your light…responding to you in ways that bring us light…even out of the darkest places. “

And Lord… “Bring light out of even the inexplicable, unreasonable grumpy places. You know how I needed that today…”

It takes our participation and His strength to work us through the grumpy places…or the truly dark places. As in all things, we have a choice. We can start by thanking Him for the ways we are blessed. That cup of coffee I had this morning. Reverse it. What if I couldn’t afford a simple cup of coffee? I think of my husband in the next room. Funny enough, just as I was writing this, he came through and gave me a bear hug! Reverse it. What if he wasn’t so loving?

Practice the art of  reversing your blessings: You will gain a fresh vision of how blessed you really are. You will enjoy a new outlook and experience a very different day.

Naming one blessing leads to noticing others: The sunshine streaming across the piano room. My piano. I remember when I didn’t have a home…or a piano…or my sweet husband. Of course I remember…those were some dark days! Because of those dark days, it isn’t hard for me to reverse things and understand how blessed I really am.

Out of those days…He brought light in so many ways. That light keeps me seeking The Light…finding light in ways that I would not know how to do, except for the darkness I have experienced.

“Thank you, Lord…for the light that always…always comes from the darkness, if we choose to lean into your heart…and gain your outlook!”

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