satan . I know, I Didn’t Capitalize His Name…

Lizard ego

satan . I know, I didn’t capitalize his name. In my mind, capitalization shows some form of respect. ‘Nuff said.

Three generations of us are doing a study by Priscilla Shirer called “Armor of God”. I am grateful that my daughter suggested it and signed us up. What a blessing…what a joy! I am so charged up…determined to see the enemy’s attacks coming and fight a stronger fight. Is that defensive or offensive? I can never keep that straight!

When talking about how satan is the father of all lies, Priscilla asked this question: “What are some of the most clever illusions you’ve seen the enemy craft in your own life or in the life of a friend?”

Oh my. I have lived many years now and I think, at this stage, I would say the cleverest lie/illusion the enemy crafts…without exception is distorting who you are…who I am. He is constant in his attacks on us! If he cannot slither in one way, he comes at us in another. Every situation is an opportunity for you and me to feel like a failure…a loser or somehow we can just never get it right.

There is so much fear and dread wrapped up in not knowing who we truly are in Christ. If I don’t know that I am valued and loved, I don’t feel I have anything to offer. If I do think I have something to offer, I am not going to risk speaking up because I could be wrong or the listener might disapprove.

If I feel I am smarter than others…that I have more to offer than most… I speak up too often, too harshly. I need to overpower you…to force you to agree with me…even if I do it subtly. Your opinions mean little, because I know so much more than you do, anyway.

Or…maybe I go the other way. I am smarter, the rest of you are stupid and I am not going to speak up because you are unworthy of my words. False pride is protection for what we secretly feel.


The reactions to not knowing who we are in Christ may not be as obvious as I have just described. But they are there.

This is why we need The Truth. Christ is Truth. His words and our prayers will infuse The Truth into our lives. His Truth will strengthen us in every possible way as we lean into His Word. His Truth will give us a clearer understanding of the power of prayer. If we recognize satan’s lies and choose to dwell on/trust in the Truth of our God, you and I will begin to understand and act on what He is asking us to do.

Without any doubt, the result will be a brand new vision… and a brand new life that will ripple over into the lives of everyone in your sphere.

His ways are…His grace is…Amazing!

All your words are true;     all your righteous laws are eternal. Psalm 119:160

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