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Sunrise…A New Beginning…Peace That Is Beyond All Comprehension!!

Easter is tomorrow. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to know that your next sunrise would bring a whole new beginning…one that involves peace that transcends all understanding! You can…you really can…trust the One who died for you!
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So then…why do we sometimes cave to fear and dread? We are human, yes. We are going to feel. But…we have a choice. Let’s be proactive in our quest to be Faith Thinkers. Continue reading

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Wedding Bells Tomorrow…Whoop!

Tomorrow our granddaughter is getting married to a young man who loves her immensely and she him.  The quality of their love reminds me some of the love of my husband and I (her grandparents!). I can only imagine what that … Continue reading

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The TRUTH…Where Do We Find It?

The people of our nation have not focused on The Truth, so they don’t recognize the deception. Continue reading

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