The TRUTH…Where Do We Find It?



Wow…I watched the Republican debate last night and got up this morning to a Bible study that talks about TRUTH. Only God…

Trump, the oldest presidential contender has obviously spent his life learning to skew the truth…using his ability to craft words to his own advantage. He has intoxicated the world with his wealth and  what many  Christians see as strength.

Rubio, the youngest candidate, recently began using words that were beneath him to get the more mature candidate to stop his attacks. Rubio bought into the lie that he needed to use someone else’s tactics rather than staying true to his God-given standards and behaving like a man of integrity with his words.

Similar to Rubio, Cruz seems pretty solid. He has some experience, is a believer and says he is strong on the constitution. Of course, Rubio says the same. Cruz has also gone to calling names but has held it at bay a bit better than Rubio.

Lies. With one candidate, they seem to permeate everything. The other two have slipped into using his tactics to fight the lies. In doing so, they demean their own character.

Kasich seems knowledgeable, has refused to participate in the brawl and as a result has not been noticed. In this climate, maybe the only place he can be true to himself is by staying governor and making a difference in his home state. Integrity may lead him home.

The people of our nation have not focused on The Truth, so they don’t recognize the deception. It is sad, it is scary and our God has promised to give us over to…let us have what we have chosen to practice.

Matthew 15:18 (AMP) “But whatever word comes out of the mouth comes out of the heart and this is what defiles a man.”

So in each of our personal lives, THE TRUTH is our core. But when we are deceiving ourselves, how do we see what is true through (our own) deceived eyes?

The filter is His word. Ask Him to open your eyes…rehearse The Truth in the moment of decision or before you speak to a problem. Pray for open eyes…wisdom. From there you and I can act on Truth…empowered by God to first see what that is! We can live out His balance of grace-filled lives but lives that also speak what is true.

If we had been practicing this all along, more of us would now be recognizing the empty words…the fallacy in what is being said. More would refuse to buy into hollow spin. Perhaps the opposing candidates would not have felt compelled to stoop to this level in the name of “fighting off the bully”. You can fight the bully without demeaning yourself or stomping on your own principals.

Whether running for office, or living our daily lives… it is the Truth that sets us free…not emulating the one telling the lies.

John 8:31-32 (NIV) 31  To the Jews who had believed him, Jesus said, “If you hold to my teaching, you are really my disciples. 32  Then you will know the truth, and the truth will set you free.”




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