A Blanket of Forgiveness Wraps Around the Giver…Even More Than the Receiver!

ocean for two

I love that our lives are filled with opportunities to learn…to watch meaningful interviews which clarify or affirm what God is teaching us.

I take those opportunities. They feed my soul…move me further down the road of understanding, healing and growth. I see my purpose clearer. As I learn and grow, I relax…am less anxious. I more consistently sense the presence of God right along with the responsibilities/steps He is asking me to take.

Priscilla Shirer has done an amazingly insightful two-part interview with Kristin Armstrong (previously married to Lance Armstrong). Do not miss this touching and practical time of meaningful conversation!

Both videos are twenty something minutes long and well worth setting aside something else that doesn’t count for much. Ask God to allow you to truly hear what He wants you to hear. This conversation will make a difference in your life and (as always) the lives of those who are taking their cues from you!


Blanket of Forgiveness

Part One of Priscilla Shirer’s “Chat” with Kristin Armstrong:


Part Two of Priscilla Shirer and Kristin Armstrong:



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