Are You Oxygen….or Carbon Dioxide?

Pond Oxygen

Psalm 28:7 (NIV) 7  The LORD is my strength and my shield; my heart trusts in him, and I am helped. My heart leaps for joy and I will give thanks to him in song.

Am I so ungrateful, so self-interested that I bounce from one discontentment to another? I pray for something and God answers. Do I then begin fretting over the next thing I wish was different?

Is there a way to walk in more consistent joy…more contentment without feeling I am settling? If I am content, will I settle with a loved one’s less-than-ideal behavior? If I dare to be content, will I settle for less than I hoped for in a career, in material things, in health?

The way we sometimes function, you would think that was the case. In other words, if I don’t fret, if I don’t constantly fight for what I want and need… I am not doing enough. I am slacking. I am settling.

Yet…Christ tells us to humble ourselves.

Our pride begs that we demand more. Our hearts desperately say “I deserve more!”

Still…look at God’s upside down economy. Have you ever known someone who doesn’t have the things that (in your mind) would be reasonable for anyone and yet he or she is at peace? Maybe you disrespect that contentment…or maybe you are in wonder over it.

If his/her contentment comes from God…that person is blessed beyond what many of us can comprehend.

It is an immense blessing to possess the humility to look to God for peace rather than demanding freedom from our position in life.

It’s interesting that humility comes from the root word humus, as does the word human.  Humus is the very core of rich dirt. It is described as being like a nutrient-rich sponge for plant roots, providing better access to water, nutrients and life-giving oxygen!

Our humility before God is oxygen! Pride and the discontentment that bleeds out of that pride, sucks the very oxygen out of our lives. We may not be perceived as angry and discontented, but God sees our hearts and quite honestly…so do we. Even if we don’t’ recognize it as pride…we feel it. It eats at us.

How selfish we can be, jumping from focusing on one need (or want) to the next. How often we receive the answer to our prayer only to begin fretting (even agonizing) over the next thing.

We are so blessed. We have so much to give. We have been given so much.

If you want to breathe…if you want to be oxygen…start each day thanking God for five things…even the smallest things that bring you joy. Then… consciously live the day out in thanksgiving. You will find so much more praise on your lips when your head hits the pillow at night.

You will find yourself more content about all that transpired during the day. The reason? You will begin recognizing that the answer to what concerns you (or lack thereof) is in His loving and capable hands. You will feel more confident that your heart has been on track and that our God sees and is with you.

As we develop a thankful and contented outlook, we will no longer be that person who spews the carbon dioxide of unrest.

Instead, our humility (our joy)… will become oxygen…life…for those in our sphere.

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