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“Preach God’s grace to yourself every day and your whole being will preach it to others.” The Journey

Satan is the father of all lies. Just as Jesus is Truth…Liar is who satan is. Liar is all that he is. Continue reading

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My Soul Is Weary…

It won’t be long before you are able to thank Him for the hard things. Your rebellion will be short lived because you have been practicing recognizing the loving things He does…just for you…daily. Continue reading

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We Can Trust His Heart…

His puzzle pieces of our lives are always good puzzle pieces…all of them. Continue reading

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When we think of repentance, it should encompass our view of a mighty and loving God. It is our heart recognizing who we are in the light of His amazing purity and His loving mercy and grace. Repentance is an integral part of being born again and gaining a powerful new start. It means tenaciously turning away and turning toward. It is reconfiguring. Continue reading

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