My Soul Is Weary…

Three By Five CardsPsalm 119:28 (NIV) 28  My soul is weary with sorrow; strengthen me according to your word.

 Three thoughts from Ann Voskamp:

  • Emptiness is a gift because it is an opportunity to turn to God
  • All is grace because all is being transfigured by God for His glory
  • God is always good and I am Always loved

With the Psalmist…do you say often during a week’s time, “My soul is weary…strengthen me according to your word.”

We will stay weary if we don’t reach out for the answer our God gives. That answer is a thankful heart. Not necessarily a sweeping and general “thank you”. But a moment by moment surrendering to His will because we understand His heart for us.

If we have our children’s hearts and they know and trust ours, they are going to have a greater understanding that what we require of them is because we love them. Deep inside, they will know that we do it because we want both a healthy, purposeful, joyful present as well as a healthy, purposeful, joyful future for them.

They might kick against what we require…but underneath, they understand. Their rebellion will be less and even less prolonged if we have their hearts and they understand ours.

This is true of our relationship with God. At the core of our relationship is His perfect love and our faith/trust in His heart and…His love.

In order to understand His love, we must be intentional about time with Him…seeking His way and His will.

A key ingredient to all of this is intentionally developing a thankful heart. Write down five things each day…no matter how small or how few. In the beginning write down five things that bring you joy, make you smile. Some days it will be hard to see five…sometimes it will be hard to hold it to fifteen.

It won’t be long before you are able to thank Him for the hard things. Your rebellion will be short lived because you have been practicing recognizing the loving things He does…just for you…daily.

Your first five notes of thanks might look like this:

  • God is always good…and I am always loved
  • That cute squirrel that peeked at me through my window today
  • My son called me to check in last night
  • My husband’s hugs
  • Dinner was simple to fix tonight and everyone was here to enjoy it

Remember…all is grace…even the hard stuff…because our God is transfiguring even the painful things for our good and His glory!


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