“Preach God’s grace to yourself every day and your whole being will preach it to others.” The Journey


I read these words in a little magazine entitled The Journey, “We must understand that we have been given grace upon grace (John 1:16), and yet God gives more (James 4:6). Preach God’s grace to yourself every day and your whole being will preach it to others.”

The author is asking if our words and actions speak grace. She describes how our face, our voice tones, words and body language should speak God-infused “submission yet strength”. This would eliminate harsh words, looking down on one another, even failing to speak the truth in love.

But how do you emit grace if you do not, as she said, “Preach God’s grace to yourself”?

If you and I do not recognize our own false guilt, our own failure to understand who we really are in Christ…how loved we are…how can we possibly preach grace to ourselves? In the moments when you silently (or openly) berate yourself, do you somehow feel more repentant or humble? Maybe you just don’t like yourself that much and it has nothing to do with humility.

I have said it many times. The enemy has lost the war and he knows it. The only real weapon he has is to make us believe a lie. It is, of course, a custom-made lie for your particular personality or situation. If you figure out the truth in one area, he is going to come at you with another lie.

Satan is the father of all lies. Just as Jesus is Truth…Liar is who satan is. Liar is all that he is.

His intent is to cause you to believe you are less than. He needs to convince you that you are unworthy in some area of life…stupid…hopeless…too damaged…too many sins. If he can do this to you…you will always be hurt. You will always stay confused.

If you internalize his lies, you will never fully understand and absorb God’s grace. If you cannot take in God’s love and grace for yourself…you will be incapable of authentically offering that grace to your parched loved ones and friends. You have an assignment, an irreplaceable purpose in their lives.

Ask God daily to help you understand and internalize His grace. As you do this, your life will be a reflection of His love to the people in your sphere who so desperately need your God-given touch.

Don’t believe the enemy’s lies. Be intentional about seeking God’s view of who you are in Christ. He will offer His love and grace to you as He corrects the lies you have come to believe. He will make it clear to you how treasured you really are. Then…your life will reflect that same love and grace to each person in your sphere.

Almost everyone around us is desperate for a drink of His life-giving water. You are intended to be a reflection of His life, a demonstration of…

His grace…

John 7:37-38 (NIV) 37 b Jesus said […] “If anyone is thirsty, let him come to me and drink. 38  Whoever believes in me, as the Scripture has said, streams of living water will flow from within him.”

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