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Let’s Go Take Possession of the Land…We Can Surely Conquer It!

Here it is again. God’s upside down economy vs the world’s way of looking at things. As we lean into and grow in the Lord, we just get stronger. Our faith, our hope, our prayers, our availability to minister become stronger. We become wiser…more a part of who God intends us to become. Continue reading

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Your Life in Exchange for Many Who Are Held Hostage…

Our fulfillment, our joy, our deepest sense of purpose comes through serving, but not in our own strength. He promises us the strength to serve…to encourage…in exchange for the hope and freedom of those who are being held hostage. Continue reading

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Tolerance Disguised as Grace…It Isn’t Reality…

Whether you are a Christian or not, here is a passage that might make you squirm…even offend you:
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Yes…God Heals the Brokenhearted but… He Will Not Bend to My Stubborn Ways!

God will heal my wounds and yours. He has promised he will.

But He will not bend to anyone’s stubborn pride in order to do the healing.
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It’s a good word from James…not a foolish or impossible one! It is a hopeful word that tells us our problems aren’t just empty happenstance. They can become a tool in the hand of God for our hope and future and His glory. Continue reading

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