Tolerance Disguised as Grace…It Isn’t Reality…

Tolerance Disguised as grace seals

Whether you are a  Christian or not, here is a passage that might make you squirm…even offend you:

Ephesians 2:1-3 (ESV) 1  And you were dead in the trespasses and sins 2  in which you once walked, following the course of this world, following the prince of the power of the air, the spirit that is now at work in the sons of disobedience— 3  among whom we all once lived in the passions of our flesh, carrying out the desires of the body and the mind, and were by nature children of wrath, like the rest of mankind.

 “…like the rest of mankind.”

If you are a believer, do you feel comparing yourself to others is being intolerant? If you aren’t a Christian, you might see the passage as intolerant and politically incorrect.

In our present society, it is more important to be tolerant…to be politically correct than to have clear vision about the state of man. So then, the truth spoken in Ephesians becomes hard to swallow.

We have come to the place where I never dreamed we would be. Wrong is called right and right is called bigoted. This version of “truth” is being mandated either by our peers or (perhaps more incredibly) by our laws.

The false gospel of tolerance, rather than grace, is a forceful way to truly shut Christians up. It is a very effective way to desensitize us to sin. The enemy uses the very gospel of grace we so revere, twists it into a tolerance-for-sin message and society repeats it incessantly. Even as believers, we begin to absorb it…believe it…and act on it.

Why do we as Christians act and look so much like those who do not tolerate our faith? It is because they have done a much better job of preaching their message from the rooftops and staying on task to change people’s thinking and…the laws of the land. We know the truth…the truth is what sets us free…yet we are more bound in this nation than ever before.

How sad. How frightening and sad.

Still…there is time. There is a message of love and grace, balanced by God’s standard of truth, to be spoken and lived out. Where our eyes have been blinded… vision is available. How can I be so certain? God tells us the truth…always the truth. When all else is failing…when we have been failing for decades…there is hope.

Ask Him to open your eyes. Remember, when everything is falling apart, even when we have been part of the problem and simply don’t know what to do…there is an answer. God’s grace is available. There is hope for vision and change when we cry out in repentance, desperation and faith…


Ephesians 2:4-8 (ESV) 4  But God, being rich in mercy, because of the great love with which he loved us, 5  even when we were dead in our trespasses, made us alive together with Christ—by grace you have been saved— 6  and raised us up with him and seated us with him in the heavenly places in Christ Jesus, 7  so that in the coming ages he might show the immeasurable riches of his grace in kindness toward us in Christ Jesus. 8  For by grace you have been saved through faith. And this is not your own doing; it is the gift of God,



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3 Responses to Tolerance Disguised as Grace…It Isn’t Reality…

  1. The best solution is to stop thinking and talking like Paul, and start trying to think and talk more like Jesus.

    Jesus of the Gospels never spoke the word “grace.” Yes, the Gospel authors did a few times – but not Jesus. Our idea of “what grace is” comes largely from Paul’s opinions- and that is not good. We need to listen to Jesus more.

    Poem – What is love?

    Two men came to Jesus
    With different motivations.
    They asked Him the same question
    Relevant to all the nations:

    Which is the Most Important?
    The answer was the same.
    Jesus did not manipulate
    He was not there to play a game.

    “Love the Lord your God” said Jesus
    as He quoted from The Law –
    to fulfill and not abolish
    was His purpose, full of awe.

    Jesus did not make all Scripture
    Into one new great commandment.
    He summarized The Law and Prophets
    “First and Greatest” and “The Second.”

    The Love of God is higher
    Than the love of any man.
    Receive from God, give back to God-
    Then to others, that’s His plan.

    The Love of God involves much more
    Than simply “love your fellow man.”
    Worship, trust, and pray to God,
    and obey Him – that’s His plan

    To worship and pray to neighbors,
    Whoever they may be,
    Or trust and obey our enemies
    Would be idolatry.

    The love of God is first and greatest,
    And the love of man is second.
    “All we need is love” are words
    of dead Beetles on the pavement.

    “The entire law is summed up in a single command”
    are not the words of Jesus our Salvation.
    It’s false teaching of Paul the Pharisee
    an “accuser of our brethren.”

    “Love” without God is Satan’s word through Paul
    in his chapter to the Corinthians.
    “I will show you the most excellent way”
    is the road to eternal perdition.

    Where is God in Paul’s chapter on love?
    Nowhere in view of the eye.
    Paul sings about himself like a Mexican Mariachi
    “I, I, I, I.”

    Jesus is The Most Excellent Way
    Not the words of a Pharisee.
    The words of Jesus are very clear.
    Jesus said, “You must follow ME.”

    • mannasplace says:

      Thank you for reading and commenting on my blog!

      True, Paul was a grave sinner – a Pharisee. You and I are condemned sinners, just as he was, until the day we choose to believe and follow Jesus, accept His love and the sacrifice He made in taking our place on the cross.

      But Paul chose Christ and was changed – a new man. He no longer had the heart of a Pharisee. God inspired the word of God, through the Spirit in the hearts of men like Paul.

      God saw Paul as a new man, adopted into His family, cleansed and in right standing with God through Jesus. Paul was worthy to be used to reach others for Christ – not because of His own Pharisaical/legalistic righteousness but because of the blood of Christ’s sacrifice.

      So it was with you and I. We are simply men and women who falter and fail (sin) but who, as we trust Him, lean into His ways…learn to love Him more and in the process, learn to love others well. We begin to live out and leave a legacy that helps those who come behind us see a picture of the life Christ intends them to live.

      God used and inspired Paul to write His Truth which includes love for God through Jesus Christ because of His death and resurrection. That love…His love…changes us. His love leads us to love others and show them the kind of love and grace He has shown us.

      God used Paul, who (yes by the world’s standards) had much of which to be proud. Paul, however, was very clear when He wrote that all of his credentials meant nothing when he took into account what Christ had done for him.

      He no longer had the heart of a Pharisee. His old life was no longer taken into account save to Praise God for the new! In the same way, when you and I are changed by Christ’s love, our old life no longer counts against us. It only serves to bring glory to God for the difference…because of His love, mercy and grace!

      In Corinthians, I see Paul speaking of God all throughout the chapter on love, because I view that chapter in the context of all that God has done in Paul’s life as well as the other Spirit- inspired words through Paul’s pen.

      For me, I cannot discount any portion of God’s Word or question His wisdom in the messengers He used when the tests of time have proven its authenticity. Who am I to choose which portions to throw out? If one, then why not the other?

      I will never understand it all. I will always have questions. But I will never consider myself worthy of determining that Paul was not changed by God’s grace on the road to Damascus or that his teachings were somehow false.

      I am stunned that He loves us all so very much that He sacrificed His life and yet lives again in order that we might live, as well. Not only in heaven…but here on this earth with a purpose and calling…empowered by a unique and lasting love!

  2. mannasplace,
    You wrote QUOTE:” For me, I cannot discount any portion of God’s Word or question His wisdom in the messengers He used when the tests of time have proven its authenticity. Who am I to choose which portions to throw out? If one, then why not the other? ”

    “God’s Word.”
    I take it you have the common Evangelical assumption that every word in the 66 Books of our Bible is “The Word of God” equally – right?

    Many self-professed “Bible-believing Evangelicals” won’t listen to the words of Jesus, because they are brainwashed through reciting their “mantra” – “all scripture is God-breathed.”

    This “Evangelical Mantra” has been accepted by the collective subconscious mind of “The Evangelical Church” without thought, question, reflection, or even 2 witnesses from the Scripture itself. It’s based on a misinterpretation, out of context, of one verse in one letter written by one man, Paul the Pharisee, who was unfamiliar with the personal ministry and teaching of Jesus.

    But, “Once an idea has been accepted by your subconscious, it remains there and it governs your behavior until it is replaced or changed.” [ as a pastor named Bishop Dale C. Bronner observed in one of his sermons]

    (Definition from the American Heritage Dictionary.) Mantra (noun) (Hinduism.) A sacred formula believed to embody the divinity invoked and to possess magical power, used in prayer and incantation.

    When cult members repeat their mantra, it makes them deaf to the voice of God, unable to hear God. Instead, it puts their focus on their one “special man” above all others – his personality, words and teachings, character, life example, feelings, experience, intentions, mind, will, emotions, etc. Their cult leader is their hero – he is always right, could never be wrong about anything specific, and he must be obeyed in all things and never questioned. He will give himself a special title, write at least one special book, and claim special authority, with no need for a second witness to back him up.
    Here are 3 examples.

    .1) Fuhrer. The title of Adolf Hitler as the leader of the German Nazis, author of “Mein Kamph”. Mantra: “Heil Hitler.”

    .2) The self-appointed Prophet Muhammad, author of The Koran. Mantra: …..”and Muhammad is his prophet.”

    .3) Paul the Pharisee, the self-appointed Apostle to the Gentiles, whose 13 letters comprise one third of what, today, we call the “New Testament.” (The first, original “New Testament” was composed by the second century heretic Marcion, and he coined the term “New Testament.” His new “book” contained nothing except 10 of Paul’s letters and an abbreviated Gospel of Luke. There were no other “New Testament” books, and the Hebrew Scriptures were the “Old Testament” which was irrelevant, according to the heretic Marcion.) Mantra: “All Scripture is God-breathed….”

    I got my Masters Degree at Dallas Theological Seminary. I was attracted to the school because they put Paul’s mantra of “All Scripture is God-breathed” above everything else, and I wanted to heed Paul’s command and “Preach the Word” like Paul….

    This mantra is a misinterpretation out of context of 2 Timothy 3:16. It ignores the previous verse, 2 Timothy 3:15, which clearly indicates that Paul was NOT referring to his own letters when he wrote the words “All Scripture.”

    Paul was probably making reference to some of the Hebrew Scriptures, quite likely including the Law and the Prophets. We cannot be completely certain exactly which “Scriptures” Paul meant in “All Scripture”, and what Paul meant by “God-breathed.” Why can’t we be certain?

    Because we must establish a matter by the testimony of two or three witnesses, especially something as important as “What is the Word of God.” No one else in the pages of the Bible besides Paul ever said anything like “All Scripture is God-breathed”. And Paul only said it here, one time, in the middle of a personal letter.

    The Apostle Peter made reference to “Prophecy of Scripture,” not “All Scripture,” and no it’s not the same thing at all. Jesus never said anything like that. And no one, not even Paul, ever said that all Scripture was equal.

    I remember the general approach to the Bible at Dallas being that “every word in the 66 Books is the Word of God”….. and we should interpret it based on “the intended meaning of the author in the historical grammatical context.”

    That is the basic idea of the heavy-duty seminary language we were being trained in. It sounds so right, so intelligent, so professional, so “godly”….. but it is fundamentally flawed.

    When we look at Paul’s teachings and testimony about himself, (in his letters that make up 1/3 of the New Testament,) we should NOT immediately ask ourselves; “what did Paul say, what did Paul mean, and how does this apply to my life?” The fundamental question is NOT “what was in the mind of Paul?”

    Before any of that, the FIRST question to ask is; “does Paul agree with Jesus, who came to fulfill the Law and the Prophets?”

    Paul contradicted himself, and his teachings and testimony about himself don’t harmonize with the teachings of Jesus (or with Luke’s record of his life.) Let’s not waste our time with endless debates about “what Paul really meant” with his wacky teachings about “baptizing the dead” or “there is neither male nor female.” Paul was wrong. Jesus reminds us from The Law “at the beginning, the Creator made them male and female.” [Matthew 19:4, Genesis 1:27]

    As to the question of “whether the Bible is ALL truly Gods WORDS”…

    The underlying unspoken assumption is that “The Bible” (66 Books) was given to us by God as “one book” and it’s all “equal” in level of authority, priority, and importance. This comes from unconsciously believing Paul’s mantra, the “Evangelical Mantra”, that “All Scripture is God-breathed”, and falsely assuming Paul was referring to every word in the 66 Books of the Bible. Yet even here, not even Paul, not even once, ever said that “All Scripture is EQUAL” in authority, priority, and importance.

    No one in the pages of the Bible ever said or wrote that “all Scripture,” or “the Bible,” is “all truly God’s words”. Jesus never said anything like that, and Jesus did not see it that way. Jesus did not see even the Hebrew Scriptures, what we call the “Old Testament”, as a whole unit or book that was all equal or “all truly God’s words.” Jesus spoke of The Law, or The Law and the Prophets, holding these 2 sections of the Old Testament above the third, least important sections the “Writings.” And Jesus held the Psalms, the first book of the “Writings” section, above the other books in the “Writings” section in importance, since some parts of some Psalms are prophetic.

    Obviously, the New Testament Scriptures were not written when Jesus was walking the earth. But if we want to get closest to The Source, Jesus himself, it makes sense that we should look first to the eyewitness testimony of two of His appointed Apostles who walked with Him faithfully for over 3 years, Matthew & John. (Also to other eyewitness testimony, recorded by Mark and Luke.) This is more accurate, important, and authoritative than personal letters written by Paul the Pharisee, who never knew Jesus personally, had no part in His ministry, and had no eyewitness testimony.

    We should follow the Jesus of the Gospel writers. We should not follow the “jesus” of Paul the Pharisee or Muhammad or any other man, who had their own ideas of who “jesus” was and what He did.

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