Let’s Go Take Possession of the Land…We Can Surely Conquer It!


We had precious relatives visit recently. Two couples, two sisters-in-love and their husbands. While their official title is “sister-in-law”,  my heart knows they are my sisters. The four are strong believers and we enjoyed prayer together after our visit and meal.

John, one of the men in the group prayed about how Joshua and Caleb were in their eighties when God used them mightily and thanked God that He will continue to use us, no matter our age.

Here it is again. God’s upside down economy vs the world’s way of looking at things. So often, getting older is viewed  as becoming weak and irrelevant. Yet…as  believers, when we lean into and grow in the Lord, we just get stronger. Our faith, our hope, our prayers and our availability to make a difference become stronger. We  have the opportunity to become wiser…more a part of who God intends us to become.

Our generation typed with manual typewriters as kids, didn’t have computers until later…commonly drove cars with stick shifts and in the early years mowed with a “push mower”. Our muscles were stronger back then and we didn’t have to fish for the right word, as often.

Life’s experiences were limited …we all had start-and-stop seasons in our faith. But now…we consistently want what God wants. We don’t always know what that means but we are willing to walk through the process leaning into His ways, realizing we don’t have the answers but knowing He will show us in due time. Though at times we get weary, we are always hopeful underneath. We are always watching to see where He takes us next…what He will do with us.

The things that might have seemed small or unimportant when we were younger, are now exhilarating because they are…right. Each person is doing something different but each is certain that what they are doing is God-driven. He is putting life’s puzzle pieces together. He is arming each of us with exactly the right tools to do the job and laying before us the opportunities to use those tools.

The battles rage on stronger than ever before in our world. But our weapons…our weapons are stronger than ever before. Our joy is deeper. We know we are in the right place, fighting with the right team, affecting the future in the right way. Three very different couples…fighting the good fight in very different places.

There can be no doubt, that if God gives us eighty years, there will still be giants in the land. But because God continues to equip, strengthen and use us, we can say with Joshua and Caleb…

“We must go up and take possession of the land because we can certainly conquer it!” Numbers 13:30b (HCSB)


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2 Responses to Let’s Go Take Possession of the Land…We Can Surely Conquer It!

  1. DON CRAMER says:

    AMEN! Bring on the giants!

  2. Ann says:

    God has, and is using mightily in the life of my family… I am thankful for this!

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