And God Said, “Okay. My List Is Full. No More…”


And God Said: “Okay. My List is Full. No more…”

Before my husband begins teaching Sunday morning Bible study, we have a time of prayer requests. Our group has been together about 6 years now, so everyone is fairly comfortable with the process. What that means is, there are times when we have a beautifully lengthy prayer list.

This last Sunday was a long prayer-list Sunday. Stan, one of our class members, stands up front and asks for prayer requests. He has a great sense of when everyone is about finished with their concerns. He also has a wonderful dry wit. This Sunday, he could see we were finishing, so he pulled his pencil away from the note pad, holding it slightly in the air for emphasis. Then…with understated facial expressions and feigned sternness, He said; “Okay. My list is full. No more…”

Your list is full? You won’t take any more prayer requests?! The absurdity was not lost on any of us. Needless to say, everyone howled. You gotta’ love this guy!

At the same time I was laughing with delight, I was stunned with this thought; “God has never said that to me! He will never, ever say that to me!”

He has never…He will never ever…say that to you!

Like the perfect and therefore perfectly patient Father He is…He is ever ready to listen to our desires, our requests, our pain and our fear.

As the wisest and most loving protector we can ever conceive, He will never ever give in to our pleas for what He knows is wrong for us. We cannot cajole or plead or manipulate Him into something we shouldn’t have.

Still, He is there…waiting to hear what we are feeling…how we are hurting. He listens to our confusion and yes, all of the ways we are fooling ourselves…yet again.

When we take the time to actually listen and obey…He is ready to guide us into the answers. All of the while, He is teaching us more about His love and more about the life He wants us to live.

He isn’t selfish. Every step He asks us to take, every correction He requires us to make, leads us into what He knows fits into the amazingly meaningful life He hand-crafted for us from the very beginning.

As we pray, He is guiding us in ways that are for our good and His glory. He is bringing us to the place where our custom-made purpose will be realized and always…always that is a purpose which will make a difference for those in our God-given sphere of influence.

He wants us to pray and seek Him! As we do, if we listen and obey, His loving and patient guidance will enable us to begin living a life that makes a difference for this day and is light for the generations who come behind us!

Oh, how thankful we can be that God will never ever say about our prayers… “Okay now. My list is full. No more!”

Jeremiah 33:3 (MSG) 3  ‘Call to me and I will answer you. I’ll tell you marvelous and wondrous things that you could never figure out on your own.’





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