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Rejecting the Obvious…

“Why do you naïve Christians keep believing Christ is going to come back to rescue you when it has now been a couple of thousand years since he was supposedly on earth?” It’s an old question. Continue reading

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Awakened to His Truth…

I love sensing the thrill of God’s Word! I want to be continually awakened to that thrill! Continue reading

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Our nature, even as Christians, is often to do battle for our reputation, our promotion, our friendships. It takes discipline and dedication (even sacrifice) to use our real weapons. Often, this kind of deep thought goes against our nature…or our schedule. Continue reading

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God Rustles The Trees…

In all my years of being a believer I do not remember hearing about God rustling the tops of the balsam trees. It makes my heart smile…puts a spring in my step to picture it…to hear it spoken in God’s word! Continue reading

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