I Peter 2:1-10: Peter is writing to the Christians in his day, and of course to us. A commentator wrote, “They had entered a dark period of suffering that would only grow stronger as localize persecution turned to empire-wide persecution.”

But why? Why did they hate Christians so much and why do they resent (even hate) us now?

As believers, if we are in tune at all, we know we are being boxed into a corner every way we turn. We are resented and mocked…sometimes hated. But do you ever wonder why?

Why? Why did people hate believers back in the Bible days and why is it progressing so rapidly now? Basically…it just makes no earthly sense to me. Oh, I know there have always been economic reasons. Christians interfered with illegal taxation and slavery and prostitution. It is the same today, as they also interfere with the economy of the abortion industry and pornography (which is its own form of slavery).

Yes…we threaten the pocketbooks of those who harm others for gain.

But it is more than that. You must know someone who dislikes you just because you are a Christian. You make him feel guilty for his way of life. Your life makes him feel you look down on him, even though you simply want to be a friend or help him repair his back patio.

Maybe your promotion is in jeopardy because you don’t gossip or drink with your peers. You aren’t trying to be a super saint. It just isn’t a part of who you are.

Yet…they include the coworker who is of another religion. Then, there is the guy everyone knows is stepping out on his wife. He is included, laughed with, promoted, and yes…even admired.


If you think about it for very long at all, the reality becomes very clear that all of life is a spiritual war…not a flesh-and-blood war.

Our nature, even as Christians, is often to do battle for our reputation, our promotion, our friendships. It takes discipline and dedication (even sacrifice) to use our real weapons. Often, this kind of deep thought goes against our nature…or our schedule.

How foolish we are. We behave like a man who repeatedly tries to take down a threatening animal by throwing pebbles, when he has a powerful Smith & Wesson within his reach. Every battle belongs to our God. He has laid each and every powerful weapon right within our reach. Still…we choose our own methods…our own way. We spend a lifetime getting nowhere, yet always thinking that our next strategy with will work!

So many have mentioned creating a War Room in their home after watching Priscilla Shirer’s movie by the same name. Months later, I am curious…is that war room …are those God-given weapons being used? Or does the room lie mostly empty while we continue to run by with our own chosen strategy.

All of life is a spiritual battle. It is meant to bring spiritual strength and ongoing victory. Through His style of victory, God’s great desire is to carve out the meaningful life He intended for you all along. It is a lifelong process, this challenging war that changes your way of living life. But you…you and I…

We are meant to change the generations!

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