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It Is Time to Live!!

What are your repeatedly weary places? Is your schedule too busy to open your home to a friend…are your children giving you some level of grief? Maybe your sadness comes from the fact that you and your husband just cannot seem to get on the same page anymore. Continue reading

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Observing Without Judgment and Living a 007 Life…

“If you will learn to listen to the Spirit…your life will be more exciting than any 007 movie you could watch.” Continue reading

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I feel like those desert-dry bones some days, don’t you? Do you ever hear yourself saying, “I have nothing left.” Or… “I just can’t do this anymore. I am completely serious. I…can’t…do this anymore!”
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Yes…he kept his distance…but he realized he could pray…

What would happen if every time we got tied up in knots over something to which we cannot speak…we would pray. How many times a day do you get tied up I knots over that one person or situation? How many different people or situations do you agonize over and even push in and speak…again…with the same fruitless result? Continue reading

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