Yes…he kept his distance…but he realized he could pray…


Yes…he kept his distance…but he realized he could pray…

In the first video of THE ARMOR OF GOD study, Priscilla Shirer tells a story of how each week in the early winter mornings her cousin would stand two hundred yards from a Planned Parenthood facility, hoping to speak to some of the women who were going in to get an abortion. If they stopped their car near him, he was allowed to talk to them…but he could only stand so close without it being considered an infringement.

A young woman and a gray-headed man stopped in a pickup truck outside the Planned Parenthood gate. They were parked too far away for her cousin to have permission to speak with them, but he could see them talking to each other. It was obvious that there was a fair amount of emotion in what they were saying to each other. Because it was cold, he could see the exhaust from the truck as the older man (possibly the young woman’s dad or grandfather) would turn the car on for warmth….then off again…then back on again as they talked.

Her cousin experienced some frustration as he felt a baby’s life was in the balance and yet…he couldn’t go over and speak with them.

These words rang in my years, as Priscilla spoke:

“Yes…he kept his distance…but he realized he could pray…”

Powerful words. How many situations do you have where you feel a hopelessness because you cannot speak to someone you love about something that you can see is ruining his or her life, or at least has that potential.  If you were to speak, you know their reaction…you know you would be overstepping your bounds. You know you must keep your distance…at least where this person has drawn a boundary or built a wall.

Yes…you might have to keep your distance…but do you remember that you can pray? Do you realize the powerful weapon you have in prayer? What would happen if every time we got tied up in knots over something to which we cannot speak…we would pray.

How many times a day do you get tied up I knots over that one person or situation? How many different people or situations do you agonize over and even push in and speak…again…with the same fruitless result?

The end of this story brings tears to my eyes. Her cousin did pray…he stood 200 yards away and prayed. He prayed with all of his heart that the decision would swing to the side of life.

Finally…those break lights turned on, the man backed out with his precious cargo and the sped away! Her cousin’s prayer was answered…God did swing the balance to the side of life!

Isn’t that what you want?  Don’t you simply want God to swing the balance to…life?

Remember…You might have to keep your distance…but…you can pray.

God can swing the balance to…life!


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One Response to Yes…he kept his distance…but he realized he could pray…

  1. ann says:

    I cannot seem to leave a comment, but wanted to let you know that I found this very powerful. Thank you,In His love,Ann

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