It Is Time to Live!!


It is Time to Live!

In her book, Fresh Out of Amazing, Stacey Thacker refers to our weariness…the place in which we find ourselves repeatedly: “It is time to find a once-and-for-all solution for this familiar place. That solution will begin and end with Him.”

I have found this to be so very true. The solution to my every struggle begins and ends with Him.

There is not a struggle you are having that I do not have or haven’t had, and visa versa. Oh…the cause of your struggle may be vastly different…but what you feel from the struggle is very much like what I feel.

We live in an electronic age where we text messages, don’t see the person’s face with whom we are texting and cannot see their empathy or their pain. We can’t feel the gentle touch of their hand or they ours.

I appreciate the electronic conveniences! It means my daughter and I…my friends and I can be in touch all day long, as though we have walked through the room to tell a quick thought. It takes the edge off the lonely or frustrating moments any time of day. It means when my husband is out of town I am likely to get silly faces and hearts and flowers!

Still… God intends us to be “up close and personal” with Him and…with others.

What are your repeatedly weary places? Is your schedule too busy to open your home to a friend…are your children giving you some level of grief? Maybe your sadness comes from the fact that you and your husband just cannot seem to get on the same page anymore.

Developing a deeper relationship with God doesn’t mean your husband, your children, or your situation will change quickly. It does mean that you will change. Are there areas in your life where you would like not to be so repeatedly weary and confused…even a little hopeless about the same-old-same-old?

My prayer for you and I is that in 2017 our lives will reflect our conviction that…

The solution really does begin and end with Him!

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One Response to It Is Time to Live!!

  1. Don Cramer says:

    2017….the best is yet to come!

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