How Does Heaven Really Work…?


How Does Heaven Really Work…?

Isaiah 65:17 (ESV) 17  “For behold, I create new heavens and a new earth, and the former things shall not be remembered or come into mind.

I wonder what this verse means. Will I not recognize and know the ones I love the most here, in a special way there? I think Scripture supports that we will know one another.

Yet…there are clearly many things I do not want to remember. I couldn’t remember those things and be pain-free in heaven.

So…I try to figure it out with my limited imagination in order to satisfy me the best…for now. Though, I don’t know exactly how it will look,  I hope my loved ones here, will have a special place in my heart there…and I in theirs. No pain and no bad memories but…an especially meaningful relationship in heaven for the precious people in my life here.

In reality, I don’t have to figure any of it out or tighten my grip here on the things that I think might be lost there.

Though I will never be able to understand how it will all work, I do understand a bit of the heart of God who loves me. So, I cling to Who He is.

He has promised much about heaven. No pain, no sorrow…no loss. Unbroken relationship with Him and with those in heaven with us.

There is so much pain right here on earth. Often, you and I can’t explain it away, or figure out the “whys”. Still…I am learning to trust His hand…because I trust His love.

In heaven…I won’t have to wonder or try to figure out the pain or work hard to drive away the emptiness that sometimes assaults. No more sorrow…no more pain. Completely loving relationships…no more fighting my own selfishness or dodging the selfishness of others!

No more times when I know He is near, because He says He is, yet it is particularly hard to sense His presence.

I will…you will continuously sense His glorious and unbroken presence and love. I imagine that it will be something like that with the ones we have loved here. Our relationships will be oh…so much deeper…so complete…so beautifully unbroken.

I imagine that the sense of special bonding through mother-child or husband-wife memories from here on earth will somehow be present as we sit on the back porch, breathtaking nature all around us, as we catch up for three thousand uninterrupted years. I imagine the joy and beauty of our new relationship in heaven will be deeper because of what we shared together here on earth.

I doubt I have the capacity to imagine His heaven even close to accurately. But…I can trust that our God…the one who gave His life so that we can walk with Him here and then join Him for eternity… will do what He has said He will do.

For now, we see through a filtered glass. Still…right here on earth, He graciously gives us glimpses of His peace and joy, startling views of the intricate beauty of His creation and the sweetness of relationships. He allows us to sense the glory of worship.

Then, as we lean into His ways…He hand-carves our lives with productivity and purpose. Pain…yes. But oh, the glimpses of His love, if we will only choose to see.

Wonder of wonders, those glimpses…relationships…our joy…will be gloriously complete one day!

Who could ask for anything more?




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