How Does Your Look Affect Your Message…?


How Does Your Look Affect Your Message…?

This morning I was watching a respected Bible teacher on YouTube. I love her small Bible studies. This time she was preaching a powerful sermon in a very large sanctuary.

She looked beautiful in her black top, white jeans and wedge heels. As usual, her gorgeous thick hair was attractively styled.

She was talking about how we need to point people to Jesus and get out of the way.

As I was watching her (listening to her) I was pondering her young years and her God-given ability and wisdom to speak. I was also thinking about the beauty and simplicity of her style. In the background, the band quietly moved into place to be ready to play. They were somewhat blurred out by the cameras and lighting.

The man to her right (drummer I think) wore what appeared to be a dirty (matted) hairstyle. Occasionally he would swipe at the chunks of his “do” to keep them from blocking his vision. His was the from-the-streets look. I thought about how popular the unkempt look is (even in Christian circles) and I wondered: Why is it important to look unkempt and at times…dirty? What makes it unbecoming to look sharp…even just…clean?

The contrast between the young teacher standing there against the backdrop of the young man in the blur behind her was stark. She wasn’t in any way dressed old fashioned. She was dressed very updated and young, and yet…her look didn’t get in the way of her message, no matter who you were. Her look was appealing to young and old, privileged, or poor. She would have been welcomed in any setting.

What does our outside reflect? What example are we setting? Do we stubbornly demand the right to wear the latest revealing style in a way that sends the wrong message to the men (and their wives and girlfriends) in our sphere? Are we so out there that there is no opportunity to bond with someone who needs the love we have to give? We can’t constantly worry about what others think, that’s true. We shouldn’t. There is a balance.

I just hope that, at any age or stage, we are not destructively determined to do our own thing. I hope that we are not ignoring the cautions, the compromises…the wisdom and love of that Still Small Voice.

The inside is the most important, of course. But are we selfishly hiding the Message from others who can’t get near us because they can’t get past the “look” of the messenger? Conversely, are we so unnerved about the look of others that we cannot see their needs or hear their heart?

What is my balance…what is yours?

Luke 2:52 (NIV) 52  And Jesus grew in wisdom and stature, and in favor with God and men.







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