Hidden…In the Cleft of The Rock…

cleft of the rock

Hidden… In the Cleft of The Rock!

Psalm 19:14 (ESV)

14 Let the words of my mouth and the meditation of my heart be acceptable in your sight, O LORD, my rock and my redeemer.

“Rock is a metaphor for a reliable refuge. Our security is found in God, not in ourselves.” (Explore the Bible quarterly, July 2017.)

This thought is beautiful to me. I always think of a rock as solid and representing strength but when David (or others) would hide from an enemy or need shelter from the elements…the cleft of a rock or inside a rock cave was a sure refuge. This little dove says it all!

It is so true (and comforting) that our security is found in God…not in ourselves or anything or anyone else. The LORD is our rock and our Redeemer. In biblical days, as in the story of Ruth and Boaz, it was a tradition (and the honorable thing to do) to “redeem” the life of a woman who had lost her husband. Often her husband’s brother would be the redeemer…the one who married her and took care of her. Sometimes, like with Boaz, it wasn’t a brother but a man with a heart for God and then…for Ruth.

When I see this little picture (found on google) I see a little dove protected, comfortable, at peace and…with a clear view of everything in front of him. He isn’t forever trapped…he has hope and a future because he is sheltered in the Cleft of the Rock!

That is where we are, you know. The LORD IS our Rock and our Redeemer…our refuge in the time of storm…our comfort…our strength.

The paragraph in Explore the Bible goes on to say, “Identifying the LORD as my Redeemer is even more insightful in that the Hebrew word implies a close family relationship. As such, it foreshadows the New Testament idea that believers are adopted into God’s family through the sacrifice of Christ.”

Beautiful…the Old Testament is constantly foreshadowing Christ…His redemption, protection, and love.

Through the years, I have heard people say, with a certain amount of bravado…”The Old Testament is boring…dusty…a lot of rules for people that have nothing to do with us today.” Oh, my. To learn the Old Testament and see how many creative ways the Old is pointing to the New (Christ) is a thrill and a faith builder. The Bible is sixty-six books written by over 40 authors on three different continents and yet…it comes together in a way that is truly miraculous.

The reliability of God’s word has been proven again and again. This is a great article covering why we know for certain it is reliable. https://gotquestions.org’Bible-reliable.html

The article points out that the Bible has more proof of authenticity than any other known document. Of course…it would. Our God, who spoke through over 40 authors on three continents over many years and ultimately…saw to it that these writings were compiled in one work.

Miraculous. When you hold a Bible in your hands, you hold a miraculous work of God. You have in your possession a living document…one that continues to speak to each of us through, not only the scribes but the Author who originally gave them the thoughts and words to record.

This same Holy Spirit takes those words and uses them to do miraculous works in our minds, hearts and lives.

He has perfected His history (His-Story) and then through it…He changes us so that He can use us and move us into areas that will bring Him glory and bring purpose to our lives.

Not only that, but as we go through the storms of life, He is our Rock …our fortress. He sets us in the cleft of The Rock. Like an eagle, He covers us with His wings.

Why? Why in the world should He care? We have betrayed Him again and again. He has forgiven us thousands of times. Yet…He so desires that we find purpose and experience joy. Why? Who does that? Who wouldn’t stop caring and walk away…destroy the whole bunch of us!

The closest I can come to a picture of how this could possibly happen…is being a parent. We never give up. We give our kids the best opportunity to succeed. We give them second, third and thousandth chances. Why? Because we love them with an undying love.

This is our God…our Savior…the One who is our Rock and Redeemer…the One who hides us in the cleft of The Rock.



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