Scrunched in the Corner or Committed to Praising His Name…

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Psalm 146:1-2 Hallelujah! My soul, praise the LORD. I will praise the LORD all my life, I will sing to my God as long as I live.

Scrunched in the Corner or Committed to Praising His Name…


I read this passage several times this morning. Not because I am so righteous, but because I was struggling to concentrate on what I was reading…thus, several readings.

But then…God’s Spirit began driving the words from my head to my heart:

Hallelujah!!!! My soul, praise the LORD.

I WILL…praise the LORD all my life, I WILL…sing to my God, as long as I live.

Praise is a choice. To my shame, it is also a choice I vacillate in and out of and don’t even realize. I am not a purposely rebellious Christian. Not because I am so good but because I have lived long enough to know that I lose when I rebel.

But there are subtle resistances…rebellions that our God is forced to point out to me.

If I am truly committed to praising God…was I more prone to praise Him yesterday when things were going well…a day when I truly sensed His presence?

Or have I truly committed…am I truly committed to praising the LORD all my life…singing to my God as long as I live?

When I am hurting, am I slightly resisting praise and in doing so resisting my relationship with and love for God?

The picture I see is a child…who still sort of wants to be physically close to the parent but He is scrunched deep in the corner of the sofa…looking out of the corner of his eye…thinking about how far he should take this “separation thing”. Mom or Dad are only a couple of feet away on the same sofa but…their little one is resisting the urge to commit to moving down and snuggling which would inevitably mean some words of “I love you” and shortly… “You are the best mommy/daddy in the world!”

Are we on the corner of the sofa…knowing we will ultimately be praising His name but since things are hard…the road has been painful and painfully long…we don’t feel up to truly praising His Name right now. He will be there for us to praise Him later but right now… “Praise is not what I feel…I need some time”.

What a short memory we have. What a lack of faith on our part…what a lack of love…what immature selfishness toward the One who selflessly has given His all.

And yet…the one who loves us most…still understand that we are but dust…that we will scrunch in the corner…that we will cower in fear and dread. He is patient with us. He understands, He encourages…and He waits for my heart…your heart…to remember…

He truly is worthy of our praise. He is God. He has been and is faithful.

Even when we absolutely do. not. understand the why’s of the road we have been forced to travel…He is trustworthy…He is faithful.

He loves us with a Perfect Love…one that cannot be wrong. Therefore…

Even during the longest, most excruciating storms…we truly can praise His Name!


Psalm 30:3-12 (TLB) 3  You brought me back from the brink of the grave, from death itself, and here I am alive! 4  Oh, sing to him you saints of his; give thanks to his holy name. 5  His anger lasts a moment; his favor lasts for life! Weeping may go on all night, but in the morning there is joy. 6  In my prosperity I said, “This is forever; nothing can stop me now! 7  The Lord has shown me his favor. He has made me steady as a mountain.” Then, Lord, you turned your face away from me and cut off your river of blessings. Suddenly my courage was gone; I was terrified and panic-stricken. 8  I cried to you, O Lord; oh, how I pled: 9  “What will you gain, O Lord, from killing me? How can I praise you then to all my friends? How can my dust in the grave speak out and tell the world about your faithfulness? 10  Hear me, Lord; oh, have pity and help me.” 11  Then he turned my sorrow into joy! He took away my clothes of mourning and clothed me with joy 12  so that I might sing glad praises to the Lord instead of lying in silence in the grave. O Lord my God, I will keep on thanking you forever!



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