Be the Light…Discover Purpose & Joy…

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Be the Light…Discover Purpose & Joy…

During the darker times of your life or just…times when you realize your heart isn’t where it should be toward people or ministry…don’t beat yourself up. Jesus isn’t.

But…He does expect you to come to Him and work through it. He wants you to come to Him a hundred times a day, if you need to!

When I say, “Work through it.” I am not talking about it taking an hour or a day or even a week.

We have things. All of us have things. We have backgrounds and God-given personalities that make it feel impossible to do certain things God is asking us to do. How can that make sense? Perhaps He has given you a more introverted personality and you need/want to be alone. Yet…He asks you to be “the light of the world”. No…He tells you that you are the light of the world!

He also tells you that He will equip you to do what He asks us to do. Would you give your daughter a crayon that is the wrong size for her tiny fingers and dexterity and then ask her to draw a fairly advanced picture? Would you tell her she can’t leave the table until she does? Would you openly criticize her and slap her hands when she dropped the crayon repeatedly?

Gosh…brings tears to my eyes just thinking about it.

Our God loves us with such a perfect love that He came to earth and lived as a man and then…this Holy, sinless God took on Himself all of the unbearable ugliness/wickedness of our sin. He took our place so that we could live in relationship with Him forever.

Remember, He put Adam and Eve in a garden… the most satisfying place for the soul of man. He walked and talked with them…laughed with them and marveled with them.

That is the life He intended for us…the life He wanted for us.

He is the perfect parent. He wouldn’t create you with a particular personality and then beat you up for not having a different one! He wants you to lean into Him in order to find the strength to do the things He is asking you to do. He wants you to lean into Him when you have just done something that wore you to a frazzle. You only did it because you knew He wanted you to reach out in this particular way.

Slowly…through each small obedience…we learn to depend on Him and take the hard steps rather than excusing our own inaction. Our faith grows. Our joy grows. Our sense of accomplishment and sense of purpose grows.

Or…we can withdraw and declare our personalities are not fit to do what He asks. We can bemoan that we weren’t created differently and we can waste the faith-enhancing, joy-giving opportunities He has created for us.

Your choice…my choice…

Withdraw and excuse or…

Be the light and in the bargain discover joy, satisfaction and purpose through The Light!

John 8:12 (NIV) 12  When Jesus spoke again to the people, he said, “I am the light of the world. Whoever follows me will never walk in darkness, but will have the light of life.”


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