momma 2 and fawn sailing together


Proverbs 16:33 (NLT2) 33  We may throw the dice, but the LORD determines how they fall.

Max Lucado:

We have a good God and God is up to something good and in all things, even the evil plots of others, God is at work. So do not lose hope, do not give up. Do not assume the story you are a part of is the only story. Listen…listen to me, there is another storyline and that storyline is being written by the Almighty God.  God declares that, in that story line, He works the full story for the good of those who love Him.

“Paul didn’t say, ‘In each thing’ there is good.”

Think of the thing that has (or is) hurting you the most. Is it good? Not unless it is surgery of the body or heart. I think of the things that hurt me the most and many times I can make no sense of them, until I remember our God.

Pastor Lucado says, “The Apostle Paul says that when all these things come together, God uses them to create the higher good.”

The example he used was coffee. The one I usually think of is cake. Would you take a big old bite of coffee grounds and call it good? Would you take a sip of vanilla or a big bite of bitter cocoa, flower, baking soda, and call it good?

“He can take all of these events, joyful and hurtful, and mix them together into a story of deliverance! Just like He did in the lives of Esther, Joseph, David and most of all in the story of Jesus Christ!”

But, friends, we cannot expect to see it, believe it and wait for it unless we are leaning hard into Him! That means obedience, forgiveness, choosing to wait in faith, and understanding that we will not truly know the full story until heaven. Still, that said…we will see some of His purposes if we only have eyes to see.

Without intentionally developing a deeper relationship with our God, through Jesus Christ, which takes prayer, God’s word and a willing heart of obedience…how can we say…

This is…or will be…good.


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