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Oceans of Peace…We Have Choices to Make…

His power in us is so much greater than washing away our dread and bringing in momentary peace.  It is so much broader. He promises wisdom when we ask. He promises peace when we trust. The list is long.

But we have choices to make. Continue reading

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For Whoever Loses His Life for Me Will Find it!… (Things in shambles?)

Remember, God has a strategic plan for you and me. Sadly…the enemy does too. He isn’t random…he is strategic. He knows how to discourage us in order to slow us down and even defeat us for as long as he can. 

But Ephesians says we have in us the same power that raised Christ from the dead! That is a lot of power! Continue reading

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BUT IF NOT…Will You Hold On?

THO THE FIRE IS UNBEARABLY HOT & LONG…I will CHOOSE to ask for and wait with hope that only He can give…

THO MY JOY IS GONE…I will CHOOSE to ask Him to restore my joy… Continue reading

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God Didn’t Call You to Run Someone Else’s Race…

This is YOUR race…YOURS!…Assigned to you! Let (allow) God to perfect you continually and use you constantly. Let Him strengthen you each moment…ever remembering that He wouldn’t have given it to you unless He first cut you out and prepared…(continuously prepares) you for your painful, beautiful, generation-changing role! Continue reading

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Functional Leprosy…The Disease of Our Day…?

Priscilla Shirer says something to this effect: In our society of Facebook’s faux friendships, perfect marriages and perfect lives… we have become experts at being “functional lepers”. We are hurting on the inside but portraying something very different in our perfectly-lit selfies. Continue reading

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