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God Didn’t Call You to Run Someone Else’s Race…

This is YOUR race…YOURS!…Assigned to you! Let (allow) God to perfect you continually and use you constantly. Let Him strengthen you each moment…ever remembering that He wouldn’t have given it to you unless He first cut you out and prepared…(continuously prepares) you for your painful, beautiful, generation-changing role! Continue reading

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Functional Leprosy…The Disease of Our Day…?

Priscilla Shirer says something to this effect: In our society of Facebook’s faux friendships, perfect marriages and perfect lives… we have become experts at being “functional lepers”. We are hurting on the inside but portraying something very different in our perfectly-lit selfies. Continue reading

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Unless the LORD Builds the House…and If He didn’t?

Regrets and fears are common no matter what stage of family life you are in! Chances are, you have some! Continue reading

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God wants you full of power and confidence and spiritual vitality. Continue reading

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It Isn’t Finished…There is More Than Meets the Eye!

But then…our character is way more important than our comfort. From what I can tell, it takes a lifetime to build in all of the ways we want and need to be truly authentic, filled with grace and empathy and understanding. Continue reading

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Your Perfect Shot…

It is a journey that we take by choosing to walk closely with Him…or not. Choosing His way is…our perfect shot! Continue reading

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“He can take all of these events, joyful and hurtful, and mix them together into a story of deliverance, just like He did in the lives of Esther, Joseph, David and most of all in the story of Jesus Christ.” Continue reading

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