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A Broken Heart…? Hang on Tight…

He has promised. He is faithful to do what He has promised…despite what it looks like right now. His plan is larger…broader…more all-consuming than we can possibly imagine. Continue reading

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Relationships and Rules…

Are you systematically exploding your own present and future world, because (by your actions) you are saying that you believe your way is smarter, more progressive, more free and full of joy, than God’s way?


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We too, should be armed with Truth. Yes…the enemy says (through someone else’s words or our own thoughts/doubts), “You got nuthin’ and your Daddy is as powerless as you are.”

But…we can say with confidence, “You come to me with a bully’s lies. But I come to you in the name of the Lord of the armies of heaven and earth—the very God whom you have just defied.”
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Who Are You Fighting For…?

After all, as your enemy, I would get two for one. Discourage you and leave your loved one unprotected. If I strategically keep that going long enough, the circle just gets broader.

Families…and then generations…lost.

If you long for victory…start fighting the battle with the right weapons!
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My Sheep Hear My Voice… “Do you really think He would die for you and then not talk to you?” Priscilla Shirer

“MY Sheep Hear My Voice…” Priscilla Shirer: “If you don’t spend the days anticipating that God will talk to you…you will not be driven to spend time with Him and…when He does speak to you, you will just say, ‘It’s … Continue reading

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Feeling Trapped…? Said It All? Think Words Are The Answer in THIS Situation?

As I read this, I was thinking of a heartbreaking situation that is happening in our family. Each of us has done what we know to do, sometimes to a fault, sometimes with God’s leading. We have reached a place where we know there is likely nothing left we can do. We have set out the boundaries and asked for a choice to be made.

Still…we tend to wonder…should we try/say this one more thing?
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HIS Insight…is Freedom!

You simply don’t have the vision to have the insight.

That is what is being described in this passage. If we are unbelievers or believers who are ignoring the vision of God through His Spirit in us…
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