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I think the following is so very insightful because we really must cultivate a balance in our outlook on God’s word. We cannot water down his miraculous work nor can we isolate one verse and create a belief system that is out of balance. In doing so, we spend a lifetime being disappointed or staying stuck on spiritual principles that can be somewhat lopsided: Continue reading

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Bitterness and Blame…

I know. It is a fight to get to the place where you accept His hand when you have been dealt a mighty blow. Logically, though, why wouldn’t you fight that good fight? Continue reading

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A Blanket of Forgiveness Wraps Around the Giver…Even More Than the Receiver!

Priscilla Shirer has done an amazingly insightful two-part interview with Kristin Armstrong (previously married to Lance Armstrong). Do not miss this touching and practical time of meaningful conversation! Continue reading

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