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Am I a Part of the Cancer or the Healing…

We begin to discover that when we give ourselves away… we are not diminished. Instead, we gain a deep and abiding joy…a sense of why we are truly here. Finally, we see the truth and feel the thrill of our purpose. Continue reading

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My Soul Is Weary…

It won’t be long before you are able to thank Him for the hard things. Your rebellion will be short lived because you have been practicing recognizing the loving things He does…just for you…daily. Continue reading

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Hospitality…So Much More Than Just a Meal!

Your heart…your home…your desire to grow and to touch lives…are all God’s grace to you. Hospitality is…an amazing God-given way to administer them all!
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God Allows What He Hates In Order to Accomplish What He Loves…Joni Erickson Tada

Think of the most painful things that have happened to you recently and if not recently…in years gone by. Continue reading

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Music…a Gift From God That is Meant to Rescue and Heal!

Music is a gift from God that is meant to rescue and heal! The enemy wants to cover this insight up…to steal that powerful gift from us… Continue reading

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