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God gave us every blessing (and…the enemy does all he can to distort each one). Whether it is music, your marriage, your child, your view of God, or the way you look at your daily circumstances or your life as a whole…recognize Who He is! Continue reading

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Scrunched in the Corner or Committed to Praising His Name…

When I am hurting am I slightly resisting praise and in doing so resisting my relationship with and love for God? Continue reading

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“They Will Not Enter My Rest”…But are you?

Because He is faithful…because we rehearse His faithfulness on the cross and in our present lives…our hope returns. Our rest returns. Continue reading

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He Gave His Life…Will He Not Also Graciously Give Us the Rest?

He created us, He knows better than we what makes us tick. He knows how to bring us out of the mire and move us into a place of peace and productivity…because He knows who we are in the deepest recesses of our hearts and minds and desires. Continue reading

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Music…a Gift From God That is Meant to Rescue and Heal!

Music is a gift from God that is meant to rescue and heal! The enemy wants to cover this insight up…to steal that powerful gift from us… Continue reading

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